Hot Cross Buns

Just the other day we celebrated Christmas with it’s roasts and turkeys…cookies and cakes and so much more that make our thighs quietly weep!  And here we are,  already at the doorstep of Easter!  Everywhere you go….hot, steamy Hot Cross Buns on every counter, Easter Bunny’s in all shapes and forms….what happened to my new year’s resolution to eat more leafy greens, drink less and exercise more?  You see, I love eating Hot Cross Buns when they are warm and fresh but they also have the reputation for being one of the breads to go stale the fastest!   Most of you will argue that they rarely last long enough to actually GO stale.    So I have come up with a plan for stale buns…..instead of using bread, use the leftover STALE Hot Cross Buns and turn it into the yummiest bread and butter pudding….and if you really want to be bad, go for a scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream on top…hey, if you’re gonna do it, why do it half-arsed?  Am I going to have some?   You bet your sweet shiny ass, I am!!

One Response to “Hot Cross Buns”

  1. tracyisjustsayn Says:

    This one is true all over the world…except, here in the States, our arses aren’t so shiny. 😉
    Just Say’n

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