Simple Things

The simple things in life?   The things most people take for granted.   The clear blue sky with the biggest, fluffiest clouds.   Trees that are so green you often wonder how they stay that way.   Walking in the rain on a hot summer day.   Barefoot in fact.   You feel the rain coming down on you and your feet are immersed in the coolness of the rain on the ground.   It doesn’t cost a dime to be with nature.   It’s quiet and calming.    Then the most important of all…..your friends…..there to make you smile when you feel down …to share the good and the bad.  Friendships are the biggest treasure, distance plays no part.  And that, I cherish in my heart.

5 Responses to “Simple Things”

  1. Tracy Harris Says:

    I could not agree more Amanda. If we can learn to really experience the simple pleasures of the simple things in life, we can see life as it was meant to be…a human being using this earth as a means of interacting with God.

    Just Say’n

  2. Love your posts. I better move on so you don’t think I’m a stalker. Lol

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