My Bucket List:)

This is not something I would normally do but,  I thought  if I put this in writing….maybe I would be more accountable….and the list does not end….it grows….. as my life does!!  So…here goes:-

1.   See snow again

2.  Try and do the splits.

3.   Go horseback riding again.

4.  Go and see the Pyramids in Egypt.

5.   Go on a Mediteranian Cruise.

6.   Ride a camel…..(keep away from their breath!)

7.   Fly in a hot air balloon.

8.   Cruise Antartica.

9.   Make and Fly a kite.

10. Trecking in a rainforest.

11.  Dress up as a Santarina.

12.  Learn how to make jewelry.

13.  Learn how to speak French.

14.  Plant my own strawberries.

15.  Building the biggest sandcastle at the seashore.

16.  Sleep overnight in a hammock.

17.  Get in a time capsule  to somewhere no-one knows.

18.  Ask someone else  to make a life list of their own.

19.  Meet all of my neighbours.

20.  Taste a million cheeses.

21.  Learn how to draw.

22.  Sing Karaoke.

23.  Remember to send a birthday card to everyone in my life for a full year.

24.  Go and do a Rodeo in a cowboy hat.

25. Get rid of  my caffeine habit.

26.  Grow a herbgarden in my backyard.

27.  Try to work out Rubik’s cube….(without cheating)

28.  Name my own shade of lipstick

29.  Roast marshmallows over an open fire.

30.  Milk a cow.

31.  Row  in a canoe

32.  Forgive, really  forgive.

33.  Go skiing.

34.  Ride an elephant in Africa.

35.  Listen to music and not fall asleep.

36.  Start a good food fight.

37.  Drive a tractor.

38. Try to keep my elbows off the table.

39.  Take a  Great Dane for a walk.

40.  Learn to surf.

41.  Stay up the whole night  till the sun comes up with a good friend.

42.  Set foot on all 7 continents.

43.  Swim with a whale shark.

44.  Learn to dance  the Tango in Argentina.

45.  See the Victoria Falls.

46.  Experience Las Vegas.

47.  Learn how to paint.

48.  Having a picnic at the foot of the mountains, sipping sweet iced tea.

49.  See more of America.

50.  Skydiving.

This list keeps on growing…and I am lucky to have put a line through many that’s not mentioned here!   You only have one shot at life!!  I hope I get to do all of them!!:))))

One Response to “My Bucket List:)”

  1. That is something I have to do. I like 32

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