Dear Monster

Dear Monster, 

Today I have to get something off my chest.  For more than 5 decades my “compulsive” behaviour has been haunting me… be able to sit still has been stripped from me since I started walking and it’s driving me insane!!  I am sick of cleaning the tiles and even though you can eat off my floor, it really is not that important to most people.  I have read about OCD and the description range from repetitive handwashing to agressive impulses…and I have NONE of that!!   Why have you burdened me with a life of routines where nothing is good enough unless it’s almost perfect?  It is not that important to have straight lines and place everything in it’s place!

I am making a promise to you that very soon I am going to sleep past 5am, I will wake and not make the bed and not put everything away!  When I come back from where I have been, I will throw myself on the couch, spill my food and refuse to do the dishes….the clothes can wait to be washed for a week!!  I promise to take action against you…..…me and you are FINISHED!!!

3 Responses to “Dear Monster”

  1. OMG…to this I can relate!!!!!!

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