Imagine this scene…..You’re walking into someones office, during working hours and about work.  The person is totally wrapped up with what they’re  doing and is clearly disturbed about you coming in……what is the first thing you say?  Most probably something like “Sorry to disturb you, but…..”

This is exactly what I would have said, until a few years ago I read an article that it is not the right thing to do….it is totally unnecessary.  It is your job to go and talk to that person, just as it is their job to listen to what you have to say.  It is all about work and nothing to do about being rude!

Maybe that might be true but, I will positively not be impressed when somone barges into my office without an apology.  There is something about politeness and good manners and it is easier at any rate to talk with a reasonable happy human being  than otherwise.  Even then I thought it to be a stupid example.  What is true however, is that phrases like “Sorry”, “Excuse me”, “I beg your pardon”.  are being used by(hopefully) every human being. Or when you’re at the supermarket and someone is blocking you to pass with their trolly….or wanting to pass someone that has more time that you have.  I have never thought it to be an issue to apologize,   it is something that I do out of politeness.  Is it truely a weakness to apologize?  My believe is that it shows a rather strong character.  How do you feel about apologies?

One Response to “Apology?”

  1. tracyisjustsayn Says:

    I am from the Southern United States, and damned proud of it! Here in the South we say Thank You, Please, and Pardon. We speak slowly and we look folks in the eye…we’re not afraid to say, Howdy! In the country we wave at neighbors and raise our hand to people we meet as we drive by them in our cars. Southerners are brought up to be polite, and we take pride in our “Southern Hospitality”….it ain’t no weakness! If you don’t mind me saying.

    Just Say’n, M’am

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