Barbecue….what barbecue?


After sitting in a airconditioned, cold conference room the whole of yesterday, all I could think of was getting home, putting my feet up and looking forward to a big, juicy rumpsteak on the barbecue.   By that time I was starving, my stomach rumbling and I already imagined the aroma, absolutely loaded with flavor …..and thought….does it get any better than this? 

Everything’s running smoothly, salad and potatoes are done…. I sat back, took my first sip of an icecold Giesen Sauvignon Blanc…..then….wham!!!!!  You look down and see that the grill flames of your barbecue has gone out.

Few things are more annoying and embarrassing to a grillmaster than running out of gas during a barbecue.  And even more so when the 2nd tank’s empty as well!!   You’ve already thrown off the cooking time of the meat so you’ll never get it ‘just right’ now!!  Back to the old conventional method and gone are the enthusiasm.

My point is:-  Is there someone that can PLEASE invent a see-through gas tank so I can at least ENJOY my dinner.

One Response to “Barbecue….what barbecue?”

  1. Tracy Harris Says:

    That’s why I’m exclusively a Charcoal man….a few chunks of mesquite on a bed of hot coals and you got yourself a cookin’ fire. It takes a little longer, but it’s worth it!

    Just Say’n

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