Yesterday I received an email from my very special girlfriend, Freda,  back in South Africa.  It was so funny, I just had to share it with you!  A couple of years ago, while she was still living in London, one of her girlfriends stayed overnight and left a “dildo” as a thank you token (it was a joke between the two of them) 

Her grandson, Xavier, will only fall asleep if you hold his hand and sometimes it can take forever.  Freda got tired from bending over the cot and thought it a good idea to place this “soft” dildo in his hand…..and it worked!!  Since then, he does not want to go to bed without this “Tollie”. 

Now here’s the dilemma…..Xavier and his parents are leaving for London on vacation and “Tollie” has to go with…..in his hand!!!!  Just wondering how they will explain this to the airport staff?  CLASSIC!!!!!!!!

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