As the eyes are the window to your soul, so are the hands a definate testimonial of your life.  It tells a lot about who or what you are as a person. Most of everything we do, are done with our hands and the signs of what we do, will show.   Marks and little wounds will tell that you are working with your hands.  Long nails on one hand and short ones on the other, might be that you are a serious guitar player. Well manicured nails might mean you’re a perfectionist and perfect painted ones in just the right colour might be a little worldly and vein.  Hard calluses on hands are a sign of very hard work.  A woman with strong hands might be an excellent baker or cook in the kitchen…and what says it better than someone with dirty hands and broken nails….have they given up on life?

Hands can make or break….We write emails, blogs, text messages!  Documents all over the world are being signed (and can destroy lives) with our hands.  The book you read are being picked up with your hands, we care for ourselves with our hands….everything we give or take, goes through our hands.  Many times we communicate with our hands (I do.. all the time)  A warm, strong handshake immediately tells me a person might be trusted….and what is more personal and romantic than a kiss on your palm?

Hands have always fascinated me…..feet is another…..but I’ll leave that for another time:))))))

One Response to “Hands”

  1. tracyisjustsayn Says:

    This one deserves a big hand…clap, clap, clap 🙂

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