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Being and ex-pat from South Africa, I try to keep updated and have an obvious keen interest of what’s been happening in my birth country.  One of the issues that causes great concern (and has for years) is the rape endemic.  On this issue the police, politicians and rape survivors all agree.  A silent war has been going on for a very long time, the war against woman and children.  It is also a well known fact that a woman born in South Africa has a much bigger chance of being raped than learning how to read!  One in four girls faces the prospect of being raped before the age of sixteen.   Baby rape is not a new actuality in the South African Society but it is becoming more “accepted”!  One of the reasons is the delusion (widespread in South Africa) that sex with a child or baby will rid a man of HIV or Aids.  (There is already more than 4.5 million people living with HIV, more than any other country in the world)

A typical senario recently where seven thugs came to rob a tuck shop in Johannesburg….when they did not find money, they gang-raped the owner’s girlfriend and forced him to watch!   Now I want to know, how does a prison term (no matter how long) change these barbarians.

I say bring back the death penalty for rapists or even better…..let them be stoned in public by family members of their victims. All the so-called intellectuals argue that crime is the result of poverty.  Do you honestly want to tell me that these beasts raped this woman because they were hungry?  Give me a break!!!!!!


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As most of my close friends whould know by now, a couple of months ago I embarked on something that has changed my life immensely!!   As you well know, I am the type of girl that loves to feel and look good and by saying that, we all realise  that it gets harder and harder as time goes by and the years creep up on us.  So when a close friend approached me about another Beauty Product, I was very hesitant and thought, ” oh…here we go again, another one of those”!!…and ignored it.   I saw her again after about 6 weeks and could not believe the difference, she was radiant and it looked like she lost at least 10 years in such a short time!!   Now I am NOT easily convinced about just any fly by night product and I certainly will not identify myself with crap….but seeing what it did for her, I thought I’d give it a go.

My journey with Arbonne started and I have not looked back one single second!!  Most importantly, we as woman don’t realise what we put on our skin on a daily basis.  A study published by Bionsen, a company in the United Kingdom that sells aluminium-free body products, found that the average woman applies 515 chemicals to her face a day!!!!  Yes, you have read it right!!  Make-up, perfumes, lotions, mascara and other beauty products all contribute to the toxic brew that is causing health problems for many woman.  Arbonne products are formulated without ANY animal products, animal by-products or mineral oil!!   It blew my away when I found out where these animal by-products come from!  Farm animal carcasses (including all the steriods and hormones pumped into livestock), euthanized pets from vets and shelters (including insecticidal flea collars) road kill and the entrails from slaughterhouses.  These carcasses are sent to rendering plants where they are boiled.  Fat rises to the top, is skimmed off and sent to a purifying plant.  (Who do you think is their biggest customer?)  They shipped to the major cosmetic companies around the world where it is used as thickeners and expaders in most skincare, cosmetics and hair care.  So in the end, we put all the hormone altering  and cancer chemicals on your bodies!!!!!   97% of skin care, make up and toiletries on the market today contain animal fat and are tested on animals!!

So why is Arbonne so different, you would ask?   Swiss Formulated products, (La Prairie, Valmont and ARBONNE)  are normally extremely expensive and not readily available, primarily only for the very rich and famous.  Because Arbonne distribute only through Direct Selling Method, we all can now buy SWISS SKINCARE at VERY affordable prices!!

To top it all… is  free and safe from all these toxic burden we are using on a daily basis!!  (Not me anymore!!!!!!!!!!)

It is time to outgrow ageing ladies…….reverse, repair, rejuvenate and renew in a safe way!!!  I am soooooo passionate about this and need to share what it did for me!!!!!


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Yesterday I received an email from my very special girlfriend, Freda,  back in South Africa.  It was so funny, I just had to share it with you!  A couple of years ago, while she was still living in London, one of her girlfriends stayed overnight and left a “dildo” as a thank you token (it was a joke between the two of them) 

Her grandson, Xavier, will only fall asleep if you hold his hand and sometimes it can take forever.  Freda got tired from bending over the cot and thought it a good idea to place this “soft” dildo in his hand…..and it worked!!  Since then, he does not want to go to bed without this “Tollie”. 

Now here’s the dilemma…..Xavier and his parents are leaving for London on vacation and “Tollie” has to go with… his hand!!!!  Just wondering how they will explain this to the airport staff?  CLASSIC!!!!!!!!


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Today I am dedicating my blog to 2 Damn Cute ladies……next time you have a special day whether it’s a birthday, Easter, Baby Shower, Wedding or any occasion in your own theme colour…..go here!!     I include some of their wonderful artwork and creations!!  The best EVER!!!!

Barbecue….what barbecue?

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After sitting in a airconditioned, cold conference room the whole of yesterday, all I could think of was getting home, putting my feet up and looking forward to a big, juicy rumpsteak on the barbecue.   By that time I was starving, my stomach rumbling and I already imagined the aroma, absolutely loaded with flavor …..and thought….does it get any better than this? 

Everything’s running smoothly, salad and potatoes are done…. I sat back, took my first sip of an icecold Giesen Sauvignon Blanc…..then….wham!!!!!  You look down and see that the grill flames of your barbecue has gone out.

Few things are more annoying and embarrassing to a grillmaster than running out of gas during a barbecue.  And even more so when the 2nd tank’s empty as well!!   You’ve already thrown off the cooking time of the meat so you’ll never get it ‘just right’ now!!  Back to the old conventional method and gone are the enthusiasm.

My point is:-  Is there someone that can PLEASE invent a see-through gas tank so I can at least ENJOY my dinner.


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Imagine this scene…..You’re walking into someones office, during working hours and about work.  The person is totally wrapped up with what they’re  doing and is clearly disturbed about you coming in……what is the first thing you say?  Most probably something like “Sorry to disturb you, but…..”

This is exactly what I would have said, until a few years ago I read an article that it is not the right thing to do….it is totally unnecessary.  It is your job to go and talk to that person, just as it is their job to listen to what you have to say.  It is all about work and nothing to do about being rude!

Maybe that might be true but, I will positively not be impressed when somone barges into my office without an apology.  There is something about politeness and good manners and it is easier at any rate to talk with a reasonable happy human being  than otherwise.  Even then I thought it to be a stupid example.  What is true however, is that phrases like “Sorry”, “Excuse me”, “I beg your pardon”.  are being used by(hopefully) every human being. Or when you’re at the supermarket and someone is blocking you to pass with their trolly….or wanting to pass someone that has more time that you have.  I have never thought it to be an issue to apologize,   it is something that I do out of politeness.  Is it truely a weakness to apologize?  My believe is that it shows a rather strong character.  How do you feel about apologies?


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Have you ever given  a thought about just how much we put things off  instead of living our lives to the full?   I was like that for years on end, I always tried to brainwash myself that there are a thousand other things more urgent today than living my life.  And I assured myself that I would start living completely…..tomorrow!   And I waited ……and waited…..and waited and guess what……it never came!   While I was busy making other plans and anguish about nonsense, life kept waiting.

While I’m busy killing the daily fires, tomorrow kept dissapearing away from me.  Always more to do, more responsibilities, more ultimatums. I always thought, “when I have more money, I’ll be happy”,….”when I can go on holiday, I’ll find my zone”, when, when when!!   Tomorrow I might be less agitated, tomorrow the weather will just be fine!!   In my contemplation for tomorrow to come, today became a big, big dissatisfaction.

That did not last very long.  I completely ran out of composure.  Finally, I decided, it is just not worth waiting for tomorrow

So finally I came to the conclusion that I can live my life TODAY!!  Maybe I can smile at someone who needs it, maybe I can call someone that I have not spoken to in a while, maybe I can buy myself those flowers I so love, maybe I can go for a walk on the beach!  Send an “I love you” sms to someone, forgive a person you had bad feelings about….do it TODAY!! 

Do whatever, as long as you do it TODAY….live your life today….who knows for how long it will last.  Life is precious.

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