A Perfect Day

May your day be full of ordinary things.

A cup of coffee that you don’t have to make yourself.

An unexpected call or text message from an old friend.

Green traffic lights all the way to work.

Wake up to the sound of birds singing.

May the breadrolls you just bought,

still be fresh and warm.

That your shoes won’t hurt your little toe.

I hope you find your car keys where you left it.

That you will feel the sun on your skin.

Sing along to the song on the radio.

May somone give you a hug as you pass by.

That the dog would give you a wet welcome.

That you don’t have to stand in line.

May somone ask you a favour.

Look at the rainbow through mist.

That you will stop and smell a flower.

That you will pick up a grey feather from a bird.

That someone will smile at you for walking barefeet.

That you will see the first evening star.

That you will smell the jasmine in the wind.

And later, when you relax in a bubble bath,

realize that it was a wonderful day.

A day full of miracles.

And when you go to bed,

Feeling…blessed…loved and happy!!!

Enjoy your day my dear friends oxox

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