After another restless night, I got out of bed at 3am…..made myself a cup of coffee and sat outside listening to the early morning awakening.  This is the most peaceful time and the time I cherish my alone thoughts the most.  Most people would find it hard to shut me up but like most of us, we all need the quiet times to get perspective on life, our thoughts and heart.  So this morning …..all this redhead has to say is:- 

I am thankful for alone times where I can sit and watch people and not feel lost.  When I can embrace my pillow when I fall asleep and it’s okay.  When I watch the sun go down, sipping a wine….because I like my own company. When I laugh at myself  about stupid things ….and realize no-one is there.  When I get lost in my own words ……  I am thankful for alone times… is food for my soul.

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