Path of Life

We always hear the saying..”Life works in mysterious ways:!  Until you have walked the path of life, you will not know the true meaning of what this entails.  So many times we come to a crossroad and think it is just too much to face and deal with….So many times we just live a life of mediocrity…without any real purpose of life….  The truth is that the more we try to avoid facing the obstacles, the worse it becomes.  We,  as human beings so easily try to avoid confrontation and  communicating about the core issues in our lives, that we lose ourselves in the process.  Then, one day we realize,  a simple matter that could have been resolved ages ago, turned into the biggest issue….sometimes so much so….it cannot be changed.  All of us have the right to live with passion….truth and dignity…we might not always agree on the same issues but never, ever let your spirit die in the process.   I am most probably over the halfway mark of my life path but know this……I will never ever give up on my passion and dreams to be the person I am….no-one can take that away!!!   When life gives you  lemons…..make lemonade!!!  Not a federal case out of everything.

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  1. You should check out my prose on Path of Life.

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