Sand Through The Hourglass

How many of you remember the times we put our children to bed after a hectic day with not enough time to give them another hug or more love?   The times they look so innocent and beautiful…and the guilt about rushing through our days!  Time in our lives are for sure like sand through the hourglass and it made me think about the importance of what we do with our time.  It’s true what they say….you do get wiser as time pass and I am sure many of you would agree that if we knew then, what we know now…..certain things would have been different.   We cannot turn back time but we can make a difference about now….today……tomorrow!  So next time you think there is not enough time for everything on your “list”…..not enough time to give someone a hug, not enough time to tell the people that matter in your life that you love them, not enough time to give someone encouragement,  not enough time to have that conversation…..pause for a moment.   How many relationships are breaking down….how many of our friends just become a number… many of us are fading under daily pressures of life!! 

It’s time to stop ……  think about what is REALLY important in life!!    We can never turn back the pages of time….we can’t turn the hourglass over… go and hug someone today…tell those you really care for……….. that you love them…….do it TODAY!   And for you who reads this….thank you….from my heart! oxo

One Response to “Sand Through The Hourglass”

  1. I was directed here while searching for a picture. Thank you for your words.

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