2.5 kg leg of lamb. 3 garlic cloves, halved. 500 ml white wine.  1 x Packet of Chicken –Pepper Pan. 3 potatoes, halved. 3 sprigs rosemary. 250 g streaky bacon 350 ml cold water 6 pickling onions, whole Salt and black pepper.


1.Using a sharp knife, cut 6 x 2 cm deep insertions into the lamb 2. Stuff with half a sprig of rosemary and garlic wrapped in bacon 3.Place in a roasting pan 4. Place remaining bacon over the meat 5. Mix the wine, water and packet of Chicken-Pepper Pan together in a small pot and bring to the boil. Pour over the lamb 6. Roast for 1 hour at 180C then turn down the heat to 160C, add the onions and potatoes and roast for a further 2 hours or until the lamb starts to loosen from the bone.

This will be dinner at my house tonight……am starving…did not cook last night! oxo

2 Responses to “SLOW ROASTED LAMB”

  1. Lisa Every Says:

    Your Blog is amazing ! Go Girlfriend Love the Pumpkin salad and the YUMMY Slow Roasted Lamb. It’s making me feel HUNGRY!!!
    Have yourself a wonderful day Love Lisa xxoo

  2. tracyisjustsayn Says:

    My favorite meal of my life featured Roasted Lamb…this has made me hungry for it again.
    Just Say’n

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