For those of you who  don’t know,  10 years ago when I came to Australia, my English was poor…to say the least.  I could speak and write the basics but as my first language is Afrikaans …I ate, slept, dreamt and thought in the language I grew up on.  So it became an absolute passion on my part to master this “monster” (as I thought of it at the time)….I was initially aiming for total fluency within the first couple of months,  so I could hold a pretty good natural conversation with locals about a range of topics and not feel  like I should bite my tongue!!!  Since then, I have had this ABSOLUTE passionate love affair with so many intelligent resources…..where do I start?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary Online

Idioms Dictionary online

Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Thesaurus online

Dictionary Online Translator

Roget’s Thesaurus Dictionary

Dictionary Synonyms Online

And this is just to name a few!!   Still, every single day I find myself learning another word I have not heard of before.   I write my blog…..only to go back several times wanting to change (and in fact… I do)  so many things that did not sound right the first time around.  I am in love with this language, it is so fascinating and rich…..and keeps on feeding my soul!  On top of it all, I don’t think in Afrikaans anymore …….boy…..have I come a long way!!!!!     I wonder just how many times I’ll go back to try and better this blog today????? oxo

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