The 2nd day of the exhibition at Sanctuary Cove turned out to be very productive………..in more way’s than one!!!!!!   Just wanted to share with you this beautiful, stunning, elegently refined masterpiece that captured my heart.  I am in love with this beauty and am already picturing her in full glory….right here in front of my house!!!!  

She is state of the art…..her name will be “Phar Canal” (and don’t trip over your words when you say her name fast!!!!!!) 

So today….I’ll go back….with a dream in my heart…..might even go give her a kiss!! 

I love the styling, the cockpit, the bbq, the rear flip-down lounge, the double bed and the spaciousness of this baby…..she is whispering my name…..Amanda….Amanda!!!!

To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act….Anatole France. oxox 

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