MY WORLD by Tracy L Harris

In the blogosphere we sometimes cross paths with phenomenal people. Today I have the honour of having just such a person who wrote this wonderful guest post for my blog.  I am honoured to have you here Tracy and I am blessed to have met you.  You are a very talented writer and I am so very proud to share you with my readers.  Thank you so much!

I was happy when Buttercup asked me to do a post for her blog…one is always flattered when someone trusts you enough or likes your work enough to ask you to share your passion or talent with them.  It’s my pleasure to be a part of this blog.  The timing of the invitation was serendipitous in that, when I first thought of what to write for a blog done from Australia by a South African, my first thought was to write something about MY corner of the world, but instead, I found this little poem rolling around in my head.  It’s all about… 

        “My World”

My world is a slow world
Mostly it’s a no world
Sometimes it’s a yes world
Never in the know world

My world is my own world
Keep a pleasant tone world
Sometimes it’s a flat world
It’s mine all alone world

It’s a little strange world
A never rearrange world
I’ll keep it just the same world
You can keep the change world

My world is a small world
Screening every call world
No one in the whole world
Will ever know it all world

My world is a blue world
Rarely a me and you world
Sometimes I see Red world
I’d like a table for two world

It’s just my same old world
It can be a cold world
Never been a rich world
I’d like to see a Gold world

Never shed a tear world
Got nothing to fear world
My own little safe world
I’m okay right here world

But, someone came to my world
From a cloud up in the sky world
Now I see a New world
I think I want to try world…

Because mine is upside down.

TLH  5/26/2010

Just Say’n

Tracy lives in East Tennessee in the foot hills of The Great Smokey Mountains.  His daily writings are always all heart, entertaining, uplifting and with a lot of wit, wanting you to go back for more!!   You can visit his blog at

2 Responses to “MY WORLD by Tracy L Harris”

  1. awesome poem…
    I am glad to discover your world!

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