So last night I woke up at 2am, had this awesome idea for a blog to write this morning….thought of getting up to write it down so I don’t forget!  I tried to go back to sleep but,  at 4am this morning, I came down to have a coffee and of course, I had no clue what the idea for this blog was:(  The things I think are awesome at 2am in the morning are most probably nowhere near amazing when day breaks!!

It started to rain again during the night, not pouring rain but drizzling and because my mind felt pretty fuzzy, I decided to go for a walk.  At 5am, I pulled on a coat….a hoody and my walking shoes.  It felt great to get out and walk in the rain, not being concerned about getting wet.  The air smelled so fresh and I could feel the cool wetness on my face,  relishing my soul.  It felt good to be nearly chilled to the bone and I was happy I’ve embraced the weather and giggled about getting so wet.  I made a decision to do something illogical and it felt wonderful!

I came home, stripped of all the wet clothes, put on warm socks and sweats and here I am …..embracing a new day.  Sometimes it’s just the simple things life has to offer that makes us realize…..everything’s going to be okay!!!!   But…..I still can’t remember what that damn blog was all about earlier!!

2 Responses to “WALKING IN THE RAIN”

  1. I write my ideas on anything I can grab. Notebook, email, text message, napkin. All these scattered pieces are what prompted me to start a blog so I can keep everything in one place. For my 2 am ideas I sleep with my notebook on my bed. After my mono episode in high school my memory isn’t what it should be. Maybe if you had a pad with a pencil or pen or a bright marker (that sounds more like you bright and bold) and have it handy.

    But the walk sounds amazing. I get a chuckle when I hear people complain to heavily about water. That’s what rain is and the best type of falling water is that morning drizzle with rays of sunlight and a gentle sprinkle. Love the picture accompanied picture ❤

    • I have changed that…I do have a notepad and pen next to my bed now…amazing the ideas entering our mind in the middle of the night!! Won’t let that happen again!! I have actually wrote my best at 2am in the morning!!…You have made me very happy with your visits and I appreciate your comments so very much. Invaluable!!! Mwah x

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