People come into our lives……some leave way to soon!!  Such a person was Hugo, the most intellegent, interesting person I have ever met!  We met through mutual friends and on our very first date, he asked me to marry him!  I laugh about it now because at the time, I thought it to be totally crazy but,  needless to say, 3 months after that day, we tied the knot!

Hugo was a role model and a very strong influence in my life.  He taught me about character, the tough lessons in life that some people learn too late or not at all. He taught me the value to stand up for yourself,  to take the initiative to learn how to handle situations in life.  His motto towards life was that there is a “right way” and “wrong way” to do everything, the value of hard work…perseverance and to maximize one’s talents. He was never afraid to state his opinion, even when it was not consistent with the current wisdom.  I always admired his ability to think outside the box. 

He “taught” me that if you don’t know what to order at a restaurant…order it ALL!!:)  He taught me that dessert is just as important as the food you had.  He taught me to see that there is beauty in everything, to appreciate classical music, a love for the theater. He taught me that if you can’t help others, you can’t help yourself, even if it’s just to hold the door for someone or some simple gesture.  He taught me that life is a choice we make and it is how you handle all the pitfalls along the way.  You can be better or bitter – it’s up to you!

There is an old slogan that says “ordinary people can do extraordinary things”…..Mr. H, there is not a day that go by without me not thinking about you. One day we will meet again, somewhere on a cloud!  Until then, Esquire!! oxo

11 Responses to “ESQUIRE”

  1. No words to express….. it is simply beautiful!!!

  2. “With you I live recklessly in a dangerous world –
    I can spread my wings and fly above the crowd,
    ride upon rainbows and touch the sun –
    without you I rarely leave the ground…”

    Cherished memories of a cherished friend….xx

  3. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I should like to think that your Hugo is looking down at you and smiling! 😉

  4. Buttercup, we know each other. Hugo will always be with us. We love you and will always remember and love Mr. H.

  5. alleenloper Says:

    That is a beautiful love declaration… You are lucky to have had this.

  6. This is lovely! Mr. H sure said some wonderful and meaningful things… And I loved his restaurant idea.. the one the dessert 🙂
    I am happy for you, that you got to spend a portion of your life with such a genuine personality! They are hard to come by 🙂
    And I hope we all learn something from this… we should realize sooner or later (better sooner) that happiness in self = happiness in others and that it is interchangeable…

    I sweet way to show you still care, and a great tribute.. I am sure he is smiling at you right now too 🙂

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