I have a cold!!!!!  One of those yucky, retarded, dumb winter colds that makes you feel like hell and last forever!  I felt it coming on when I woke up yesterday morning, my head felt like it’s been hit by a bus and it sucks…that is all I can say!  Last night I went to bed quite early, dosed myself with some cold medicine and fell asleep soon after. 

I woke up with a bang at 2am this morning, thinking there was someone at the door (I was positive I heard the doorbell rang) only to realize it was a dream…..I must have had  hallucinations  from the medicine I took last night and Coco would have barked if there was someone anyway!  I have heard of people with inner alarm clocks, but not inner door bells!

I’ve used about 330 tissues in the past 24 hours (for real), sucked about 4 boxes of throat tablets to try to relieve my burning throat and my nose looks like a friggin overripe tomato.  And this morning I am about 90% deaf in both ears!  My grandmother believed that you should drink warm milk with crushed garlic (or warm beer!!) …they’re supposed to make you feel better.  No kidding!!  I think after you puke all that milk and garlic out, you certainly will feel better.

Apart from feeling very sorry for myself today, lots of vitamin C and some fizzy orange drink, soup …..and another 6 boxes of tissues might be on the menu!!  I have to run…think I heard the doorbell again!!   Snif-snif:)

I think I’ll make my friend’s wonderful Vitamin C recipe soup…. Thanks Cindy oxo

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6 Responses to “FRIGGIN FLU!!!”

  1. Tracy Harris Says:

    Dinggggg Donggggg….someone get the door! I feel your pain. Get well soon… 🙂

  2. Lisa Every Says:

    Hey Girlfriend,
    Get plenty of rest thinking of you. Flu’s are the worse I hate getting them they just make you feel so miserable. Luv ya lots talk soon Lisa xxoo

  3. Aww hope you get better soon! xxx

  4. Sick in bed
    All this shit in my head
    I can even dream right
    Or sleep well at night
    I keep slipping into a foggy sneeze
    And when my body sweats, I freeze
    Sick in bed
    And my nose is bright red
    Tomorrow I will be better
    Cause these tissues can’t get any wetter

    Get Well

    • LOL…That has absolutely made my day….you are such an angel!!! Thanks so much for going to the trouble in doing this for me:) I appreciate it very much. Mwah oxox

  5. I hope you feel better soon.

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