For years I have been contemplating on starting my own blog.  For years I have also been putting it off…..thinking, why on earth would anyone want to read what I have to say?  It’s been 3 months since I started this and it did not take long for this blog and I to fall in love.  I find that the words flow so much easier here than having to write it down on pen/paper.

I write because I feel the need to write, it is a way of expressing myself, because I have something to say…..no matter how often I say it, why I say it and how it comes across.  I write to get all my thoughts out and have learned something in the process about myself.  So many of life’s experiences are bottled up inside of us and we file them in places that we don’t visit often enough.

I am growing as I write along the way and have met some amazing creative people …….people that have a passion for life, people with hidden treasures inside them.  Life is but a moment in time.  Thanks for reading my wonderful friends.oxo

13 Responses to “A MOMENT IN TIME”

  1. What a buffet of wonderful things here at your blog! I for one am glad you started this and equally glad I found your site! The pictures, music, recipes and sharing all around its like the best kind of coffee shop you just wanna sit and drink it all in to the last drop!

  2. Writing is a beautiful escape route to see the world the way you want to. Enjoy the gift. Looking forward to reading from you and getting to know you better. Welcome to our community…Cheers!

  3. Blogging or writing is way of expressing everything on your mind. Good luck in your blog and hope you could write some more on it.. As a writer, it doesn’t matter who will read or how many people will read your posts the most important thing is you express yourself in a creative manner 😉


    I enjoy reading and glad you started your blog…great courage.

  5. I totally recognize your feelings. Great post!

  6. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I felt my eyes tear as I read your very profound words. You very eloquently stated what I think a lot of us have discovered and felt since starting our own blogs. When I first had folks connect with me, it was like I had been searching space for other life and found it. Every new connection is like a major discovery. How comforting it is to know that we are not alone!
    Your blog is very impressive and inspiring to me, and I am most thankful to the hand of fate that sent you to my blog. May you always be blessed with the gift you are now!

  7. Your words certainly brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.. from my heart. From the very first time I visited your blog, I knew I would come back all the time. I am honoured to call you my friend. Always oxo

  8. You have a lovely blog here. I will definitely be back to read more. (It’s late at night here, must sleep now lol )

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