I have a confession….I am addicted!!!   Cold, hard and totally addicted.  As I am writing this blog, I am surprised that my adrenal glands are even functioning properly.  It normally starts very early in the morning.  All of the warning signs are there the minute I open my eyes!  COFFEE!!  I drink it everyday, I drink it alone, I drink it to feel good, I drink it to start my day. (Yes, I also have a coffee machine in my bedroom upstairs)

I know… is a stimulant.  It makes me motivated and focused for about 45 minutes before that voice in my head starts telling me….I want another!  Coffee is ruining my life people!!  Some might say that coffee is not as destructive as an alcohol addiction… my opinion it’s every bit as bad, or worse.   And I totally need another cup right now!!

The smell of coffee is just enough to make me smile with glee
Just sit me down with a cup or two and I will live happily

The taste enriches my mouth with every sip I take
No I don’t want cookies, brownies, or a chocolate cake,
I just want the beautiful cup,  that I can even make 

I can drink cup after cup, even popping a seam
because you know I won’t explode
after drinking such a large load

After I finish my coffee delight 
I will be up for the entire night

Dancing, and jumping, and wiggling about 
I am purely hyper without a doubt 

I am as crazy as can be
Just after I drink my love, the coffee

So throw that tea away and the soda as well 
I just want my coffee, can’t you tell?

20 Responses to “JOE”

  1. yeah i got it bad for coffee as well…straight black and dark….

  2. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I take it this means the coffee has chased away your flu? I hope you are feeling well. I know I too like my coffee…it’s taste and aroma are enchanting! I love a blend of French Roast with Sumatran…wow…I think I am going to put some on to brew right now!

  3. Love coffee! Can totally relate. Side effects may also include severe jitters and marathon running. lol

  4. I too was absolutely addicted to coffee, then doctors scared me out of it, now they are singing its praises 😦

  5. I really like this poem and I love the song too. Great 🙂

  6. One of the only things I love more than coffee is the White Stripes!

    Check out their section from Jim Jarmusch’s awesome film ‘Coffee and Cigarrettes’.. in which Jack displays his Tesla coil, and Meg displays her cute smile and total lack of acting skills.

  7. many people do the same.
    no shame…

    • I am so over the moon and happy, nothing can take the smile off my face!!! Thank you so much Jingle…it means more to me than words can ever say:)
      From my heart…..THANK YOU oxox

  8. Joe Suzz Says:

    some say i’m an addict when it comes to coffee. I just say i am in love:]
    Awesome post!

  9. i read this as i sip on my coconut cream flavored coffee. not just the caffeine, but the coffee bean has a similar molecular design as heroin. seriously. at least, that’s what i’ve read, and believe, for some reason. that’s why giving up drinking coke is easier than giving up coffee. i do dig the butterfly fairy coming out of the cup of joe. nice to meecha. here from brian miller.

  10. Hmmm…I have not tried the coconut cream one, sounds delicious!!! I have come to a point when I don’t question my love for coffee anymore…one is allowed some “weakness” in life…and mine will always be coffee!! So happy you came by and thanks for the lovely comment! Nice to meecha too…..Amanda oxo

  11. Wow! If my body would allow me to indulge in coffee all day, I probably would. If I drink more than two cups in a a day, I pay for it with tummy pain. I sympathize with you. When something is enjoyable, it is normal to want more and more.

    I like your recipes. I am waiting for a simple one. I’m getting lazy. When I feel like doing some fancy cooking, I know where to find some great recipes.

    Your artwork is beautiful and adds depth and color to your blog. I love it!

    • Carol Ann, it warms my heart to see you here…I will make sure I’ll post a more simple one next time:) 🙂 Thanks so much for your warm and encouraging comments 🙂

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