Yesterday I felt rather nostalgic (being a Sunday here in Australia) and on days like that I can express my feelings in writing so much better.  I wrote a poem…actually published it and went back to edit it later.  I’ve had a slow internet connection the whole day and used the wireless connection instead.  For some unknown reason everything failed and I lost all that I wrote before!!  Not even a saved draft.  Don’t you just hate that?  From now on I’ll be making damn sure everything is duplicated!  So herewith, another attemp…..which will never be the same as yesterdays but with the same spirit.

As I close my eyes and think of you

The beating of my heart is real

I just so want to be with you


The way we talk and laugh

The sound of your voice within

I just so want to be with you


I feel the wetness on my cheeks

As I long for you to hold me tight

I just so want to be with you


No matter how long it takes

Or how many tears it makes

I just so want to be with you


24 Responses to “BUTTERFLY VOICES”

  1. Love the picture! So serene

  2. Again, such beautiful pictures and words! Always a joy to come here and see your newest work!

  3. I love the picture! What a beautiful poem!

  4. I’m sure this poem is better than what you wrote before… 🙂

    i just loved it! beautiful emotions 😀

    my link:


  5. such sweet love so beautifully expressed..can’t imagine anything you lost with computer problem being more wonderful but I can certainly relate I’ve had it happened myself…Again this is a beautiful reflection of what can only be a beautiful persons heart! Love the picture!

  6. I read the first poem, it was beautiful. Nothing was lost that you did not find again in this new piece…the letters are just rearranged. Well done.

    Just say’n

  7. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Words as beautiful as the first ones.

  8. perfect art for this poem. really dig the repetition. especially effective.

  9. alleenloper Says:

    Very beautiful and touching…

  10. Butterfly voices…is a soft, touching title..love it!

  11. Beautiful poem! I could feel the longing and the love from the melody of your words… And that picture is just amazing 🙂

  12. What a very touching post. I felt the love and warmth in your words. Have a fun week. 🙂

  13. Last year, I experience my greatest nightmare as a writer when my computer bugged down from certain virus and I was not able to recover all my files. It’s a good thing most of my writings are posted on-line now, but a back up storage would still be the best to keep our files safe.

    I wrote a poem from that lost: “White and Blue”


    I believe the poem connects well to your delimma expressed in your forewords.

    The poem is tinged with longing, and love is written all over, well expressed. Sometimes, love comes when we stop chasing it.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  14. Lovely poem, so full of longing. I know how that kind of love must be, where you long so hard for someone.

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