Do your lips up sticky, sparkly & red. Then blow kisses. Say thank you. Allow other people to inspire you. Share your bliss. Smile — even if you’re shy. Hold someone’s hand. Be honest. Volunteer your time. Love yourself. Do your best. Learn how to have respect for other people’s decisions & being true to yourself. Tell people how much you like them. Send unexpected gifts. Talk to strangers. Do favours. Let go. Be generous. Eat whatever you want without guilt. Don’t think about other people’s success, beauty or happiness. Make your own rules. Write your own guidebook. Count your blessings. Never stop trying to improve. Be your own superhero. Aim higher. Contribute. Create spaces for other people to enjoy. Sleep in. Let other people sleep in, too. Be compassionate. Listen. Give yourself time off. Be enthusiastic. Choose happiness. Create. Follow your passion. Connect. Compliment people. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself. Surprise yourself. Appreciate the people who support you. Take photos, document everything. Have a plan. Know your patterns. Be in the present. Laugh. Get close. Move through your fear. Challenge yourself. Keep it simple. Turn up the music. Realise your own freedom. Relax. Flirt. Dress up in some small way every day. Even if it’s just a good pair of knickers or a coat of death-defying mascara. Be different. Be genuine. Allow yourself to change & evolve. Dream big. Believe that you can manifest anything. Take responsibility. Treat everyone the same way — from your lover to your mother to your postman. Appreciate your past for having made you the person you are. Talk about how you feel. Dance. Sing. Let go of guilt. Treat your lover with respect. Admit your flaws. …& come up with a plan to remedy them. Surprise people. Set yourself a really huge goal. Then achieve it & set another one. Kiss. A lot. Remember that trouble doesn’t last. Be still. Look at the stars. Be as ridiculous as you like. Trust that you are loved. Stay curious. Charm people. Give real hugs. Bat your eyelashes. Forget yourself. Reach out. Flatter people. Get drunk on life. Release your expectations of other people. Allow them to be who they are, & appreciate them regardless. Stretch. Listen to your instincts. Make eye contact. Keep your word. Talk about real things. Discover yourself. Speak up. Let life excite you & lead you astray. Delight in every day. Don’t be afraid.On special request…..Take time to be wonderful:) Just love.

30 Responses to “RED”

  1. Beautiful uplifting positive thinking. Very nice. Love the photo , especially the heart in the tree and the rippling water reflecting light. Thanks for sharing. Heartspell

  2. Oh, what a beautiful blog. And what an amazing list. Thanks for reminding me what’s important in life. Sometimes I forget. :-]
    I’m definitely adding this one to my blog role.
    x Lisa

  3. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Words to truly live by. As always you inspire us to look within and seek out goodness. Thank you.

  4. that’s very beautiful and creative..

  5. wonderful thoughts. beautiful presentation. it all made for a great post. love your use of art.

  6. Wow, I feel the need to bookmark this. Beautiful as alwasy, of course, but also amazingly inspiring! You’re quite special yourself! Thanks for the amazing comments on my blog. ❤

  7. The depression of this generation, of the modern time comes from wanting too much and forgetting to be grateful. Of asking too much rather than thinking how to give – ain’t true what they said, happiness is like a perfume that we can’t hand it to others without leaving it’s fragrance in our hands.

    This post reminds us the simpliest of things that we could offer to share happiness, it reminds us to be grateful for the true secret to happiness is not having it all but learning to be grateful of what we have.

    Thanks for visiting my webnook.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  8. Now THAT’s a GREAT “to-do” list! =)

  9. Lots of wonderful words of advice.

  10. that is absolutely delightful and wonderful!

  11. blissbait Says:

    WOWOWOWOWOW! You gifted my face, heart, soul, and spirit the HUGEST SMILE!!! Thank You for this beautiful slice of wonder! Dancing out of Your room feeling all whimsical. Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  12. I’m seconds from going to bed when I look a your blog…wow..just a lovely and wonderful experience…the image of the water and the words of inspiration were perfect for a final thought to my day…thanks for the gifts you’ve offered to all and especially to me!

  13. I would like you to add one to your list; “Take time to be wonderful”… because you are.
    Just Say’n

  14. suzicate Says:

    Loving all this red! Fabulous list and the picture of the tree is incredible!

  15. anummunaf Says:

    u have made me to think that life is really what we are spending on


    one poetry award the celebrate poet of May honorable mention,
    three general awards,
    Happy Tuesday!

  17. that was refreshing and uplifting…thanks for being a bright spot in the day!

  18. Very beautiful photograph you have there. And words to live by! Very inspiring post.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

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