what kind of person
knows just what to say, just when you need to hear it

what kind of person
makes you laugh your heart out, and never wish for anything more

what kind of person
has all the right moves, and defines the moments in your memory

this kind of person
that knows just where to stop
before you step over the edge,
before you plummet into the deep
before you sink into the blue

before you fall in love…

the kind of person who you always want, but never seem to have
the kind of person who is always there, and you never seem to notice until they’re gone
the kind of person who was right in the palm of your hand, like a butterfly…
that you took for granted
and took your sweet time with

until it was their choice, to fly away.

and that’s when you want it most.

My Aussie blog buddy that now lives in Italy mentioned this song in her blog yesterday….I fell in love with it immediately and just had to share….thanks darlin’….

26 Responses to “MOMENTS”

  1. very sweetly said…

    but why gone?
    may be they can come back?
    i am hopeful type!!!

  2. Wise words, very nicely written. Thanks for sharing.

  3. alleenloper Says:

    It is painful how often this happens. It is as if we are not capable of recognising love when it is in our face. As if we need loss in order to truly appreciate what we have.

    However, this feeling in itself, is so bittersweet, that it seems to linger within us und in some ways fills us up, and makes it impossible to forget and to move on to something else that may be equally rich.

    I am quite familiar with this experience/emotion myself. I wish you peace and acceptance.

  4. very beautiful moments with you around….
    lovely poem!

  5. awww… a lovely poem 😀

    loved every word of it =)

    yup i have found that person alright 😉

  6. Beautiful words, beautiful poem.
    I’m so happy that I shared yesterdays song with you…I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated it..and everytime it gives me goosebumps…How simple two words…”Remember When” can stay locked into our memory chain of events,loves,fears,and heartaches, and those happy images of joy,and friendships and yes that person who said goodbye.Take Care xx

  7. Clever words, wrapped up so nicely 🙂

  8. A very difficult poem to write/share. Can relate… like how you emphasize the word before in those middle lines. Recurrences of past emotion reflected in the present. thanks

  9. blissbait Says:

    Oh Lord. I think we all have at least one of those in our past. You express Your experience and echo mine beautifully. I had no idea that’s what You were writing about, and Your words took me on the same emotional journey that my dance with such a man did. There aren’t a lot of things in my life I regret….but I do feel a little sad time to time about the unbelievably kind man I never took really, REALLY to heart. Gone, gone, gone. Ah well. Lesson learned. Sigh. Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  10. Extremely well put… I remember thinking on these lines some months back, and had ended up writing about it too… and so when I saw ur poem, it felt very nice to know that someone felt the same as me… hehehe… this even SOUNDS like the theme in question ! 🙂
    Anyway, a wonderful read ! Keep up the cool work, and thanks for sharing the thought AND the song with us!

    Btw, here’s what I had written… just in case…

  11. That song is so beautiful! Knowing when a love is the right one can be difficult to see…but I say go forward and trust your heart. Lovely poem about true feelings. Heartspell

  12. Sweet lyrics…I love the swing of it…Nice song.

  13. You words capture the meaning. 🙂 Happy Friday. 🙂

  14. what a lovely poem… and so true! we do take a lot for granted. only when it is gone that we get to realize how much it means to us.

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