I’ve just woken up and am watching a beautiful sunrise…in various shades of red, orange, pink, or golden-yellow (and was lucky enough to capture these pictures at the right moment). It’s such a shame that most people on this earth miss sunrises….. One can only revel in the joy of life.  I walked outside with the most wonderful spirit…with cotton clouds passing through and so much to be thankful for.  This was the tip of the goodness that I’m feeling today…..
Today I will remember that I am an honest, devoted and loyal person who lives for my family and friends. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, but I am happy to be me.  I can truly say that I do my best in every attempt to right my wrongs and say I’m sorry for the mistakes I make.
Today I will embrace life…..I am so happy to be alive.  Much love to all of you ~ oxo

I am happy I am alive

My dreams were never this colourful

My sleep was never this peaceful

My life was never this meaningful


I am happy I am alive

I am close to inner bliss

I am more like a careless dally

Soul also smiles, I learned


I am happy I am alive (Spell Bound)


27 Responses to “SUNRISE”

  1. this is a really beautiful combination of visual and poetic

  2. Beautiful source of inspiration for me to start off my sunday with. I particularly love the last line of the second verse “Soul also smiles, I learned” That was the killer. Have a beautiful day…and hey, you’re lucky to get those beautiful sunrise view…I like them.

  3. have a nice day…

    i love your blog

  4. You may say you are not perfect! But the combination of these pictures and your lines, with their meaning, was sheer perfection ! Hope you enjoyed that sunrise… and enjoy many many such more …

  5. Beautiful photographs. You are right that most of us miss a lovely sunrise. I know I have been thinking of catching one, but waking up at that hour to go visit a lake far off to watch the sunrise hasn’t been possible as yet. Hopefully soon…

    Your poem is so positive and uplifting. It felt good to read it.

  6. wow, what incredible positive energy here. adore the colors in the sunrise. it’s a sweet color, like ripe fruit.

  7. That was such a wonderful compliment…thanks for visiting:)

  8. alleenloper Says:

    I think I should take the time soon, to go and watch the sun rise. You have inspired me! Thank you!

  9. The words and pictures are both inspiring. There is nothing like a beautiful sunrise to reflect a smiling soul. Great post 🙂

  10. I’ve alaways been a morning person. Back in the Philippines, most of my earlier poems were written in the placidity of the early morning when my mind is most quiet and at peace.

    When I moved to Chicago, everything changed and I have to work night shift as a nurse so gone is my time to do my morning writing, but like the way it was, I would still write as soon as I wake up. So 1 PM became my morning for the past three years. But this year, I am blessed to get a new job that brought back my morning. I finally have my morning to write, to do my routine morning walk and see the beauty of dawn again.

    I wrote a poem some few years back about the changes in my sunrise when I moved to Chicago. You can read the poem in this link:

    I share your reverence for the morning. And I share your love for life and being grateful for every single breath we take with ease. For people in the hospital struggling to breath, it is a miracle.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    • I’ve just read your beautiful poem…I live in the “concrete jungle” too but am thankful for the fact that I always have the sun in my heart! I go for a 7km walk every single morning and that is the time I connect with my inner-power, the time I need to take a little trip to the very heart of myself. I cherish these times. Thank you for your wise and kind words. Have a wonderful day ~ Amanda

  11. You have made me smile and feel the sunshine around you. Have a fabulous week enjoying this beautiful world. 🙂

  12. The first photo is just magical…a great shot! x

  13. I so love your poem!
    and the song by Norah Jones is one of my favorite!

  14. Those are beautiful pictures! I’m going to try and watch more sunrises.

  15. Reblogged this on Karls Blog, Feelings from the Heart and commented:
    Spectacular colors of renewed day. Seat of My Soul

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