This Monday morning I did the same ritual, came downstairs at 5am for a coffee and to check my emails.  To me it is the most peaceful time of the day, it’s quiet and this is the time I gather my thoughts for the day ahead.  For the last 2 mornings I thought I caught something out of the corner of my eye but did not really pay too much attention to detail. Then it happened again this morning!!!!  I opened the pantry door and there it was…..a mouse, making himself very much at home between the containers.  I screamed at the top of my voice, (am sure I woke the whole neighbourhood) 

I try to keep my home spotless at all times and grew up with the belief that they are notorious for disease carrying.   I just don’t understand how he got inside.  As I’m typing this, I feel someone or something’s watching me 24/7.  You can bet your sweet ass that I am going to clean everything out in the pantry, and as sad as it is, put down a mousetrap.  Definition of a mouse:- An animal which strews its path with fainting women!  How will I ever get through this day?  HELP!!!

What is that little speck I spy
From the corner of my eye
Surely nothing…just my mind
If I turn what will I find?
Having a coffee in my kitchen
Something’s scratching my intuition
But I feel safe here in my house
OH MY GOD!!!   IT’S A………..MOUSE!!!!!!

Thanks oxo

32 Responses to “MOUSE!!!!”

  1. Eeek. I’m not scared of them, but I can’t tolerate their little feet anywhere in the kitchen. A cat is the answer.
    Loved the little poem.

  2. This is sooooo precious. 🙂 I love you sense of humor. You make reading your posts fun. Have a great day now. 🙂

  3. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Your post made me chuckle and brought to mind my many mouse stories…In fact I probably have more mouse stories than anyone I know! If I lived closer to you I would come over and catch him for you. First thing figure out how he managed to move in, close that door and then you can concentrate on convincing him to move out…..Good Luck!

  4. Oh you poor thing. Just reading your post has made me tuck my legs up on the chair as I type. I can’t stand them. We bait out traps with ham and bacon – cheese seems to do nothing…

    Good luck!!


  5. Oh! No! Maybe it’s Raffaello!!

  6. Gosh! As irritating as this might be to you, this post was just toooo tooo goooood!!!
    I have just the thing for you (although considering that you are on the OTHER side of the mouse territory, I am not so sure if you can laugh abt it).. nevertheless, here it is…
    Make sure you DO NOT feed him that cheese, lest he get any stronger 😉
    Good luck with the hunt and trap..
    Best wishes!!

    • I laughed so much (thanks for the vid)…and on top of that, I DID use cheese…and it’s still there!!! Will keep you updated 🙂 Warmest wishes always. x

  7. This is so funny…and a common thing in the world I think; the fear of mice. The video is hilarious!
    My ex mother-in-law wore fake ringlets in her hair back in the seventies, and one day when she bent to reach into the fridge a ringlet fell to the floor, she saw it from the corner of her eye…MOUSE!…her husband found her screaming, huddled on the snack bar!

    Just Say’n

    btw: Thanks to Kavita, I was trying to find that same commercial…funny!

  8. yikes. i hope your menace is short lived or moves itself out soon. i have a similar morning ritual as well…only at 530…

  9. you are so very funny,
    love the mouse and more…

  10. ROFL!!! Are u serious?

  11. that song is too funny!!

  12. it’s hard to have sympathy for a little creature when it happens to be living in your home. that video is hysterical pinned to your thoughts.

  13. LOL..this was witty and funny. I understand how you feel. I hope you get ride of it before it makes itself at home…You should try a more severe major than the trap cos mouse are way smarter these days…(I’m still laughing from your post)

  14. I love it – especially the cat spooning the mouse. What I can’t figure though, is how come people scream when they see a mouse? It’s so small… 🙂

  15. Wow I loved your kitty blog. My dad and I laughed -until he fell off the chair (well actually I think I laughed even more)

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