Today I am very excited, apart from the fact that I’m almost done with the darn “Taxes”, myself and 5 of my very close girlfriends are going to have a “girly” night in Brisbane, watching the Broadway play “Fame”!!  (How many of you remember how famous the movie was years ago?) We’ve assigned our designated driver, will go for dinner before it starts and looking forward to having a great time.  There is nothing that can compare to spending quality time with your girlfriends, where we can laugh, giggle and just be crazy!!  We’re all going to dress up in our really cute ensembles and high heels.  The fantastic thing about relationships between girlfriends are that there are no sharp lines or rigid rules. Our level of commitment is true, we all have busy lives but, without a doubt, we’ll be there for another, in good or bad times.  Sometimes we get caught up in the stream of life, and don’t make enough time …..The only way to attain and maintain this “balance” is through understanding, patience, and love for each other.   To me our friendship is like a bank account, you cannot continue to draw on it without making a deposit!  I am a big believer that you have to nourish any relationship, and am still very much a part of my friends’ lives as they are very much a part of my life.  Nothing will ever change and for that I am very thankful.

Among Life’s precious jewels, 
Genuine and rare, 
The one that we call friendship 
Has worth beyond compare.


Oh, my god! What have I done?
I laid the trap, and the trap is sprung!
Little menace I abhor…
Now lies dead on pantry floor.
I’m sad and sorry for you, tiny mouse
But you should’ve stayed…


38 Responses to “FAME”

  1. suzicate Says:

    Your mouse poem cracked me up, yikes ! The night out with the girls sounds fantastic. I hope you ladies have a blast!

  2. Sounds like you are all going to have fun now that your unwelcomed friend is gone bye bye. 🙂 Have a smile on your face. 🙂

  3. woohoo! congrats on catching the mouse..and hope you have a great evening…agree so much on nourishing relationships and putting back into them…

  4. Awww… the mouse is gone… may his soul rest in peace, and may he not bother others in his next lifetime…
    As for you, I hope your friendship lives on for a long looooong time to come…. Have fun in Brisbane, and enjoy ‘Fame’! 🙂

  5. i love your blog and the graphics are awesome

  6. I’m glad you caught the mouse, so you won’t be afraid of the noises in your house. Sounds like you have some great friends… hope you have fun! Nice post. Love that song. Heartspell

  7. hope you have/had a great time it sure sounded like a load of fun..and the mouse I agree trespassers like that should be executed to the full extent of the trap..say cheese!

  8. very very true man!!

    so i see ur finally rid of the mouse 😉

  9. Ever since I read about your friend Mr. Mouse, I imagine things moving around here in my office
    And I tell myself, you are imagining things!
    It is just in your head because of Buttercup’s blog!

    I’m glad for you that you are rid of your mouse.

    thanks for commenting on my blog so often!

    Every day that I read your words you make me smile.
    So thanks for that!
    Happy Day!

  10. have fun! have a very good time!

  11. fun and cool,
    keep smiling!

  12. Missed your wonderful prose, poetry and pictures – another amazingly beautiful post!

  13. What makes poetry so wonderful is the fact that it involves all of life, every concern, every desire, and every feeling. If something has some great significance to a person’s existence, then it has a great significance in poetry as well.

  14. soulintention: signed .............bkm Says:

    Have a great night out….very cute poem about the poor little mouse…but I totally understand…bkm


  15. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Fame…how cool is that! I hope you enjoy the girls night out! Don’t think about mouse, I am sure that it is having a grand time nibbling cheese in pantry heaven!

  16. Lisa Every Says:

    What a FUN Fantastic night we all had it was great look forward to many more! Girlfriends are just the best !!!!! XXOO

  17. thanks for leaving a comment for Thursday rally — somehow Jingle posted my blog with an oldpost attached . I hope she corrects it soon.



  18. A poetic end for the scurrying little menace.

  19. Friends are dear and we should hold the near to our heart for they are of us an intimate part.
    Love the music, this was a great song.

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