Those of you who read my writings regularly, will recall the ongoing saga about my new neighbour, Mr Nailgun! (here is the previous link-  To refresh  your mind, the process has been ongoing for more than a year and for,  what I believe, another 18 months before the end is in sight!!   For some reason he’s trying to insulate the walls with polystyrene sheets (which I have never seen before)  To make these fit, he has to cut them to size with a circular saw!  Yesterday, on a cold and rather windy morning, I went outside only to be greeted with polystyrene beads  going in every bloody direction.  My first thought was that someone somewhere was getting married but soon enough realized where it was coming from!  There is not a place where these white little beads did not enter….the swimming pool has a white cover (looks like snowflakes)..inside the door and window rails, inside my house, the plants are covered, even my dogs coat!!  I can’t even open my mouth to breathe properly for fear of coughing up foam beads…so without further ado….this one is for you my dear Mr Nailgun!!

Beads!  rolling, blinding, flying, grinding,


It swirls around, along the ground, then

In the air, it isn’t fair!

It howls and groans,

It squeals and moans,

It gets in everywhere.

It finds each hole,

And every bowl,

And fills them all with glee.

Through doors,

On floors,

On every book and chair.

It stings!

It clings!

Then leaves behind


Beads everywhere.


Clean it up,

Wash every cup,

Polish floors,

Shine doors,

Clean up this cursed stuff.


That will do, 

Just like new,But!

 Look outside!

 No, no, don’t hide,

 It’s just

 More beads!

Rolling, blinding, flying, grinding, Beads!


26 Responses to “MR NAILGUN (2)”

  1. what lovely image!
    Happy July 4th!

  2. Sorry, Red, but LOL LOL LOL…it’s refreshing to know that ^%&holes are a worldwide phenomenon. Wonderfully whimsical poem…Well done.
    I’m still laughing…

    Just Say’n

    • To everyone else it might seem funny…to this girl..not so much!! Thanks cowboy….you for one most probably know more about it than anyone else:) LOL ~ x

  3. Very good!

  4. kelleygrrl Says:

    This so reminds me of Dr. Seuss…I love, love, love it!

  5. Good God, girl…. your experiences are so unique!!! Unfortunately, they are not so funny for you, for the reader, EXTREMELY WITTY and HILARIOUS!!!! But yes, I totally understand your plight and irritation… because I have faced this problem (to a very small extent though). Those thermocol beads are annoying to the core!!!!
    My suggestion would be to present him a sweet smile, and scoop up a handful of beads (easy to get) and throw them gently at dear mr.neighbor’s cheeks 🙂 And then flash your sweet smile yet again! I am sure he will understand (lets give him some credit for being not entirely duhhh) .

    Amanda, you write toooo well dear!!! Making readers smiles (well, laugh actually) is tough… and you can do that REAL easily! That’s an art… and you have mastered it!

    First the mouse, then the neighbor… I wonder what’s next!!! Okay.. now I need to go and explain to my husband the reason for my laughter.. he is giving me funny looks 😉

    Have fun girl… relax!!!

    • It makes me happy if I can make you laugh girlfriend…..your comment cracked me up too:) And I might just take you up on your suggestion!! Have fun this weekend 🙂

  6. omg omg! haha! your neighbour? phew!! anyway, i am adding you into my blogroll.. feel free to add me buttercup!

  7. Hehe, very funny poem! Got a nice rhyme to it too.

    I can only imagine how annoyed you must be with your neighbor, does he realize that he is causing you so much trouble? Must have been quite a clean up job for you.

    We are often stuck with the most “wonderful” neighbors, aren’t we? Good luck!

  8. Interesting and cool. I love the rhyming you did in this piece. Its funny how everything can fit into Poetry. Isn’t it just a beautiful art with beautiful fingers like yours to paint beautiful pictures with words that soothes souls and makes heart wonder to places, places they wouldn’t have wondered to if left alone.

    Nicely done….Cheers!!!

  9. This whole experience sounds like a nightmare for you! And another 18 months you say? You should go tell him to clean up all of his mess. Great poem though – it’s amazing how poetry can stem from any experience, whether good or bad (the experience I mean). God bless and have a great 4th July – if you can see past any of those beads! Chloe xx

  10. OMG.. what a nuisance! Had to go back and read the previous Mr. Nailgun post. Try not to breathe that stuff… the poem is very clear with imagery and rhymes well. Hang in there 🙂 cheers

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  12. Fun and funny piece, although I’m sure the reality is no fun… I hope it improves very soon. Sorry for your hardship. Keep your chin up. Heartspell


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