Recently my dear girlfriend Liza has lost her beloved father.  How does anyone ever find the right words to say to someone at such a difficult time.  He will forever be with you Lisa, because the love you shared shines through your eyes and words every single day.  It is so important to remember and honour your father, and you did that both in his lifetime and now.  I love you girlfriend!


He wasn’t a hero

Known by the world

But a hero he was

To his little girl


My Dad was God

Who knew all the things

And better than Santa

With the gift’s he’d bring


I knew  his voice

Before I could speak

And I loved it when

He would sing me to sleep


He would cuddle me tight

When not feeling right

And tell me that everything

Was going to be right


He’d come home late

With not much to say

But he was happy to see

His family that way


He taught me life’s lessons

Of right from wrong

And instilled in me values

That I might be strong


And so through the years

Like a hero he stood

Working to give

All that he could


His presence was important

And we loved to see him smile

For no-one in the world

Could ever replace his smile


And so dear Dad

The best memory to recall

Is the gift of your presence

The greatest gift of all




55 Responses to “LISA’S DAD”

  1. Lisa,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your sorrow. When I lost my Dad, it took a few weeks before I realized he was still there, right beside me. They never stop looking out for us you know. Close your eyes and slip into his great hug of love.

    Your dad has a lovely face. What a special man – lucky you to be his daughter.

  2. This is really a heartwarming poem. Reminds me of all the nicest things my dad does for me. And I hope Lisa too, like the brokenpenwriter, overcomes the feeling of loss and begins to feel her dad’s presence and love.

    Btw it is really very nice of you to do something like this for your friend and her father 🙂 kudos to you.

  3. This is a wonderful, heartfelt piece, Amanda; touching, and very well done.


  4. Lisa Every Says:

    Mandy our beautiful Girlfriend I thank you for this amazing page on my dad!
    My dad an AMAZING man, he was a very LOVING, CARING and SHARING gentleman.
    His beautiful face, his gorgeous smile and most of all his respect for others are just some of the things we will treasure for the rest of our lives and past down to our children which will then follow on down the line.
    I just love that song thanks Mandy it always makes me cry and makes me think how lucky i am to have the dad I have who showed me so much love and Happiness.
    All the wonderful Memories we have shared will always be close to my heart I love you Girlfriend xxoo

  5. Michael Says:

    This post is so touching. And like your other posts, I love this as well. You are really great Amanda.

  6. what moving and heartfelt poem,
    have a beautiful time today!

  7. suzicate Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, portrayal of such love and devotion. Nice song as well.

  8. Your work and poem twist my heart. Well done, Amanda.
    Thank you for your sharing!!!

  9. i lost my daddy last year.
    i am sorry for your friend’s loss.

    love and hugs

  10. truly that is the greatest gift of all.
    lost my dad six years ago.

  11. what a moving tribute… indeed, a father’s presence is a blessing. there are many fathers who take this for granted and blessed are those whose dads know how to become a part of their children’s lives.

    this poem really touched my heart. ❤

  12. Beautiful words,beautiful poem.x

  13. What a lovely poem for your friend, really touching.

  14. this was overwhelming indeed!!!
    god bless lisa and her dad’s soul..
    yeah!!! we should never ever forget what all our parents do for us!!
    good one!!!

  15. losing a loved on is always tragic, your friend is lucky to have such a cool person, this poem is beautiful.:)

  16. May his loving soul rest in sweet peace. Please extend my condolence to Lisa…tell her it is all going to be fine and as long as she chooses to celebrate his presence instead like you said in this lovely poetic tribute, then everything will be fine in no time. Take heart.


  17. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Lovely sentiment here.

  18. Omigosh I nearly cried! So beautiful and lovely and heartful. Amazing job!

  19. Lisa would be really glad she has a such a thoughtful and sensitive friend such as you, Amanda. May her dad’s soul rest in peace…
    I really have no words of my own for this poem! Wiping my eyes, and writing is not too easy… it was, in a word, beautiful…
    Thank you for being as sweet as you are… hope you have a wonderful life… (hugs)

    • Your comments always warms my heart my friend. Thank you for your friendship and sharing your thoughts. My wish for you always…love love and more love 🙂 Be good xx

  20. This poem touches me deeply in the bottom of my heart! I lost my close aunt who I loved like my another mom… I feel for you Liza.

  21. tq for reminding me of mine..

  22. The poem you wrote could console a heart in grief.

    It is said that we don’t actually get over grief, we only learn to live them as we go along, but words, kind words of consolation are powerful to help a heart in grief get through it.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  23. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    This was very poignant, reading it made me think of my daughter and her father. There relationship is what you’ve described here. Thank you for posting it.

  24. You have written a beautiful poem which comforts all who have experienced the loss of a parent. Lisa’s father may be gone from his form however he lives on for we are eternal beings. Let us be thankful for all who enter and exit our life.

  25. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Soul soothing…. a touching tribute of comforting words for your friend…you are truly a magician with words!

  26. What a beautiful tribute to your friend’s Dad…you are such a treasure…she is truly blessed to call you friend as am I, friend. Heartspell

  27. What a heartwarming poem. Best wishes to Lisa and her family!

  28. Lisa Every Says:

    Mandy I have just read all the comments and they are truly just beautiful and I would like to thank everyone of you for this. That poem just sums it up how close i was to my dad he has left a great legacy that i will treasure for the rest of my life and will pass down to my own children. I miss him everyday but i will never forget all the wonderful memories i hold Love you dad you are always in my heart xxoo Thank you Mandy you are a truly beautiful person luv you girlfriend Lisa xxoo

    • So many have send their heartfelt messages to you Lisa, it means a lot to me too. You are a very special Lady and I love you so mich (and I miss you) xxx

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