Every single time you watch TV or read something, it’s all about how to stay young…how to look good, what not to eat…don’t do this, don’t do that!!!  Is it because being young makes you invincible?  You look forward to the next day because it’s a chance to start over again, forget about every little simple and stupid thing that has bothered you in the past and you try to grasp and squeeze every moment until it burst…and when you finally reach that age of no return, you see tomorrow as another line on your face…another day crossed off the calendar.

We hear….. stay young at heart, exercise, reminisce often, play at work, live the music, giggle, “snort”, reduce stress, drink red wine, eat dark chocolate, balance…use your brain to learn…explore new things!!   My motto on this subject is to live fully every single day.  Don’t waste time and energy on petty issues and, unleash your inner child, laugh always (especially at yourself), learn something new, just be goofy and embrace life with all it has to offer!! 

How we age, tells the stories of our lives. Our joys and laughter, our pain and heartache… all are etched on our faces. In many ways, it is a living scrapbook. Every last laugh line, frown line, and line around the eyes holds a memory. No-one wants to get older but let’s face it…..every line is something we should be proud of….it shows where we have been, the struggles and good times…the fact that we have indeed survived!! 

So shed a smile, and grin a tear,
For you my friend, will be,
Forever young, Forever young.
Forever in the heart of memory,
We see not through or misery.
Forever young, forever young.
There’s a new angel tonight.

22 Responses to “FOREVER YOUNG”

  1. lifeinarecipe Says:

    There are teens who want to be like grown ups and adults want to turn back time. I’ve encountered young adults who are too old before their time, and elder folks who have never grown up…youth is truly a state of mind and attitude. I’d rather mark the years on my face with wrinkles than face lift scars! Thanks again for sharing you wise thoughts with us!

  2. when i was young and dumb i’d say to my dad i hoped i never got as old as him, and he’d say that if i was lucky, i’d get to be his age. knowing ourselves is the gift of growing older. in other cultures there isn’t this diseased obsession with youth, and people can age more at peace. you are right, we have earned these lines on our faces.

  3. young at heart is everything we need…
    thought provoking post!

  4. Yound at heart…always. Always with a smile. I love to be happy…no matter what age, right? 🙂 Hope you have a week that is magical and full of many wonderful surprises. 🙂

  5. the way i see it, aging is just transforming into another kinda beauty…forever young at heart, with a few wrinkles of wisdom. smiles.

  6. suzicate Says:

    Love this. I say live fully and age gracefully. Wisdom comes with age, and wisdom rocks!

  7. aww that is just too nice…
    i am telling ya…i need to always remind myself of that…

  8. I love my wrinkles. It means I’m still here spending time with family and friends, poeming and blogging, cooking. I actually think “youth” was the worst handicap I’ve had to deal with in my life.

    Great post. Thank you!

  9. That was very well said, Amanda!!
    Every line, every wrinkle is a sign that you lived, you survived… and that is probably THE BEST tribute one can pay to self…
    I simply LOVED this read… from the cool picture to the write up to the amazing little poem you’ve written… it’s all excellent!
    Love life, live life, and most importantly, enjoy life!
    3 cheers to you, and to your cool post, and to all of life! 🙂 Yaaayyy

    • In my heart I’d never ever grow you said…love life, live life and enjoy life…how could I not…for friends like you make me smile….and very happy!! xx

  10. The years pass by quicker than ever…the lines and marks of my face have changed, i’ve learnt and are still learning lifes lessons, it’s all mind games…stay young at heart. Start each day new, new smile, new positive thought, new adventure, love TODAY who knows what challenge may come our way tomorrow. Great poem xx

    • We’ll never ever stop learning lessons from life…and I don’t ever want to!! You’re too kind and generous with your words….always your friend oxo

  11. Lovely poem on aging well…staying young in mind and heart….Heartspell

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