My love for you is like a rose.
It glows under the full moon
Beautiful words that flow
So wonderful in tune.

So deep my love for you
It makes me want to fly
It cannot be but o so true  
Till all the rivers run dry

My love for you so very pure
I dream for you to hold me tight
Dreams be filled within your sight 
Then everything will be alright  

53 Responses to “ROSE KISSES”

  1. Beautiful poem… “Dreams be filled within your sight / Then everything will be alright” wow, Amanda.

    Love always finds a way to make everything alright…
    Such a lovely peaceful poem, Amanda… like, Woohooo!

    • I am not a true poet but love to express my feelings in simple ways….from the heart. We all have dreams and I for one, are the biggest sucker when it comes to love:) Have a great day gorgeous girlfriend ~ Mwah x (And on top of it all, English is not my first language!!) Smiles x

  3. Lovely rhyming & metre! There’s something simply enjoyable about reading a good rhyming poem… and this one is definitely good 😀

  4. suzicate Says:

    simple and heartfelt, lovely image, just beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful rhyme! These words come from a person who is falling in love, doesnt it?
    Keep it going!!!

  6. beautiful love,
    roses are cute!

    love the vivid images your work brings!

  7. “so deep my love for you
    It makes me want to fly”
    beautiful lines..
    if you inteded this poem for someone
    I know how ecstatic the person would feel 😉

  8. Dreams of love and dreams of happiness. The best. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week. 🙂

  9. Red, this poem makes me feel, in a word…ecstatic 🙂

    He is one lucky cowboy.

    Rally On!
    Tracy H

  10. My love for you is like a rose…. a beautiful piece expressing your love….bkm

  11. Sweet poem and wonderful choice of images to go with it too… You really do have a nice way to express your feeling.

  12. Beautiful and very touching… The way you create emotions through words is amazing 🙂

  13. very nice indeed dear lovely graphics xx

  14. Beautiful words! 🙂

  15. awww… such a nice poem 😀

  16. Hey Amanda!
    sorry for dropping by a bit late 😦

    i’m luving this sweet poem! Specially the line,
    It cannot be but o so true
    Till all the rivers run dry

    wow! Keep coming up with such marvellous stuff!

  17. Wow. My computer screen is shimmering. Beautiful, especially when combined with the photographs. – Bill

  18. Such depth of feeling. I really enjoyed this. I am so sorry for dropping by late, but I consider myself fortunate for finally having found your blog.

  19. hey Amanda
    this poem is beautiful n the feeling is clearly expressed i like the last stanza

  20. very nice. the beauty of falling in love… enjoy. =)

  21. Sweet romantic poem with lovely rhymes. Nice.

  22. Aw, so beautiful

    So deep my love for you
    It makes me want to fly

    Stay inspired!

  23. My favourite…a rose, how beautiful…petals, perfume, buds and blossoms,a symbol of love. hugs and kisses to you xx

  24. Amazing poem! I love the imagery.

  25. beautiful may the river never run dry!

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