I come from a country where people were jailed when all they wanted was to be treated as equals.

I come from a country where people were killed because they didn’t agree with policies of hatred.

 I come from a country where people were thrown in jail never to be charged – because the government could.

I come from a country where we gave up our liberties because of a false belief that it made us safer.

I come from a country where our true leaders were said to be terrorists because they dared to stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves.

I come from a country where the government controlled the media through lies and deception.

 I come from a country where the media didn’t tell us the truth because they feared the government more than they loved the truth.

 I come from a country where our leaders told us and taught us more about hate than about hope.

 I come from a country that tortured those who didn’t agree with us all in the name of national security and fear.

 I come from a country where we were told that anyone with a black skin or skin with a different shade than pink were somehow different from us and not one of us.

I come from a country where people who disagreed with the government in the mildest of ways were told that they were traitors.

 I come from a country where they shouted “kill him” when they saw someone they thought didn’t look or think like them – even when they did.

I come from a country where fear controlled our every thought even though we never knew it.

 I come from a country where history was rewritten to fit the story the government ideology wanted us to believe in.

  I come from a country where information was kept from us because being kept in the dark kept our mouths shut.

 I come from a country where we looked for blame elsewhere and not at the place where it was – in our homes and in our hearts.

 I come from a country where we only allowed “freedom” to those who bowed to the power of government.

 I come from a country where people with different sexual preferences were kept from being who they are – through laws and lies.

 I come from a country where diversity were seen as threatening and not embraced as Gods way of making us all unique.

 I come from a country where freedom was only given to those who looked and spoke and believed the same and not to those who were truly oppressed and discriminated against.

 I come from a country where we had elections but no one who mattered could vote or be voted for.

 I come from a country where we believed that the opinions of those outside our borders did not matter.

 I come from a country where we believed that no one but us were right and damn anyone who didn’t agree.

I come from a country where we believed we were in a democracy but we were just lying to ourselves.

 I come from a country where we created more enemies just so we could cling on to power we never really had.

 I come from a country where we were divided and never united even though we called ourselves South Africans.

 I come from a place where I didn’t have what you and I have now!!


 Stop limiting your own path in life. Embrace what you have and where you are.




38 Responses to “DUMELA”

  1. alleenloper Says:

    you post this almost as if unattached. I still cannot easily write about it. I still feel anger at all the lies we were fed and the fact that we now have to pay for those lies. Good on you for expressing your thoughts. This is how we heal.

    • I will always love my country but everytime I go back, I see that not much has changed and it breaks my heart. I see and hear people complaining about littlest things here in Australia and I just shake my head…they don’t know how lucky they are and what freedom they have! Thanks for coming here Marli, it means so much to me. Always ~ Amanda x

  2. I appreciate the passion of your words. It is also good to read poetry that goes beyond the personal toward justice issues. Thank you. – Bill

  3. Thanks Bill, an issue very very close to my heart. I will always love South Africa but for me it’s also a healing process to write about it. Have a lovely day my friend ~ Amanda

  4. i love you !
    you are very motivating..

  5. You are so right Amanda. Here in American we are so bless, but yet most Americans are not happy with what they do have. Thank you so much for your prayers and stopping by William’s place to let me know you are still praying for Larry (My Husband). You are so kind and sweet my friend. Larry is in higher spirits today and he is getting some color back into his skin. He is also eating a little better, but his lungs are building back up with fluids again. I do believe with all my heart that God is going to see him through this time of sickness. Thank you my friend.

    • From my heart I want you to know that we are praying and thinking of you…and I speak for so many on here…for prayer carry so much power. I am so happy that Larry is feeling a bit better…send him my best and remember…you both are much loved. Always ~ Amanda x

  6. suzicate Says:

    Wow, those are a lot of obstacles! I often take my liberties for granted…thank you for the reminder. Your words were very powerful and lovely.

    • Thanks Suzi…I think we all do that from time to time..your visits and comments make me very happy…know that I really appreciate you. Have a happy Sunday night ~ Hugs x

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us all and helping us to all recognize how blessed we really are. 🙂 You are a brilliant writer who speaks from the heart. 🙂

  8. this piece is very moving, i read it and i can really connect with it, many of South Africa’s troubles are also ours.. very unsettling, Amanda..

    thank you for sharing this with us.. God bless every nation, every land, every continent, all human beings…

    • Thank you for reading and for the kind comments..and you’re right, so much can be said..it is very unsettling!! I value your support and visits here…more than I can say. Much love 🙂

  9. Powerful. Gutsy. Touching. Enlightening. The world is a better place for this having been said. Well done. Bravo!

    Tracy H


  11. your country is awesome,
    people learn.
    i truly enjoyed the post!

  12. Every country has its own flaws and many people don’ even care. I admire how much you love your country and yearn for it to reform (its is quite evident in your heartfelt poem)! My country has its flaws too, every country does, very similar to yours (with variations of course). But I just keep hoping it will all change someday. And I am sure it will. There maybe frauds, cheats, murderers, power hungry politicians and all those people.. but there are the rest of us too, and I am sure we will change it all someday :).. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem Amanda ~ hugs 🙂

  13. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Amazing writing, the sad tragedies of a world that needs change for the better, and we struggle wondering if it ever will change, in many places, so much happening. You project the tearful realities in a manner of the anguish felt and the love you contain for your country. I’m deeply effected by things surrounding me, inclusive of words, because I feel them, not just mere words to me. Not any wonder this would bring me to tears, and that emotion that knows it cannot be wiped away by one hand. It takes many. Your writing of this is amazing, and despite what it contains, your words so very necessary and well done. Maybe ones that can bring some hands together for a change…..*Hugs ~April

    • Thanks April, for your heartfelt comment, I have been living in Australia for the last 10 years but South Africa will always be my country, no matter what. I suppose situations like this happens similarly in every country. I value and appreciate your generous thoughts…from the heart. Have a lovely week and I hope you’re feeling better! Hugs ~ Amanda

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  15. A moving poem with a great message to not only embrace the freedoms we have but to also aid those who are oppressed. I hope having the Olympics in China and the World Cup in South Africa has raised awareness to the troubles of these countries, and also of North Korea… North Korean players who don’t win games are typically killed when they return to NK. That’s why the North Korean player from Japan was crying during the anthem, he knew they would lose and that his teammates would be tortured or killed but he would be safe in Japan.

    • Thanks for redaing and your thoughtful comment…I am not living in South Africa anymoe (in Australia for the last 10 years) but my heart will always be there. Have a happy week my friend ~ Amanda x

  16. So many countries are afflicted by these kinds of injustices…if we are fortunate enough to live in a country where we have a voice…we should be thankful, for we are truly blessed. And if we can help others through our words or in other non-threatening ways, I feel that we should make this a mission…we are all human beings and each of us deserves to be treated as one. Heartspell

    • I am fortunate to live in Australia for the last 10 years but in my heart always a South African. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comments ~ Hugs x

  17. wow…i love my country but i kept whining abt the silliest things…thats gona stop now..a real eye opener…thank u ….i agree with heartspell…so many unfortunate countries we are blessed…

  18. Powerful and inspiring. Also very educational. Great writing, Amanda.

  19. Hey Amanda,

    What a wonderful post. I can imagine the sadness. This is a good tribute to your country.


  20. I’ve been living in Australia now for 10 years but South Africa will always be my country of origin….thanks so much for your kind and heartfelt comments. It means so much and I value you here x Amanda

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