I am sure you will agree that there’s few things in life more frustrating than picking up the phone to try to sort out a problem these days!   You start by dialing the number for customer service, only to be given 20 options to choose from.  The automated voice starts rambling so fast which totally confuse me but I have to make a choice.  I press the button and start saying a silent prayer.  “All the lines are busy, please hold on and we’ll be with you shortly”!   Music plays in the background,  ever so often the same voice recording will repeat that no-one is available and will be with you as soon as possible!

After about half  an hour, you’re still waiting!! At this stage I’m starting to have cramps in my neck from trying to balance the phone between my ear and shoulder,  my breathing becomes heavy due to my growing frustration and I’m dying for a pee!  Suddenly a voice says, “My name is *Edward*…how can I help you”?  Finally…you got through…someone at last will be able to help!!  You give the detail of who you are (identifying yourself is a whole new chapter in itself), ONLY to be told that you chose the wrong option, you have to hold on again while they transfer you to the right department!!

What do you do?  You can’t slap, strangle or kick someone on the other side of the line….I can slam the phone down but that won’t help solving my problem.  What happened to good old service the way we used to know it?…….  Sorry, I can’t help you!!!!

40 Responses to “TELEPHONE?”

  1. Oh God, Amanda!!! This was just perfect timing!!!! I was about to call the bank customer service (in fact i have the phone right by me, to call!), cuz I need to ask them something about some credit card… And then I read your post… and now I am wondering..should I call them at all!??!?!?
    I HATE calling customer service! It is more like customer DISSERVICE!!!

    Anyway, wish me luck :)… Cuz I will be needing a lot of it! And i sincerely hope you didn’t have to go thru’ this painful thing any time recently…

    • I am so over this, it’s such an issue for me to pick up the phone these days…hooe your’s goes more smoothly than mine. Have a lovely week my friend and thanks as always for being here. It’s treaured. ~ Hugs x

  2. Amanda, if I had a phone like the one pictured above, I’d probably wait just a little longer on hold.
    But I know what you mean. I hate the non-friend phone calls.

  3. LOL…me too…had to put a bit of bling in there to make it look better!! Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comments. It means a lot ~ Hugs x

  4. Too funny. 🙂 I just go to the “Spanish” option. When someone answers, I either try talking Spanish to them…or I act dumb and say I got them by accident. They always help me. I get right through. 🙂 Try it. 🙂

  5. Hey Amanda,
    I have finally gotten home after travels to visit friends. I have missed you and your virtual presence. Do hope to catch up on all the lost times..take care my friend…cheers.

  6. You have style , very clever, and artistic and oh so true…. you say it with Panache, my dear.


    thanks for stopping by my blog, loved your comments.

  7. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I can so relate to your story. If you have that happen again, refuse the offer to forward the call and request to talk to their supervisor. Sometimes that request alone can move mountains. With so many people dissatisfied with telephone service it is amazing that more strides are not taken to improve upon it. Good job on voicing our mutual complaint!

  8. I know what its like.. happened to me when my modem broke down and I had to call the customer service to place a complaint…! How frustrating, really!!? I just hope I will experience only satisfying calls to customer service if I ever have to call one!! 😛

  9. I really did LOL at this one 🙂 It’s an epic struggle in the universe of technology…Soldier On, My Friend…Soldier On.

    Tracy H

  10. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Oh dear, I hope you have better luck next time! Just remember, the guy on the other end is probably thinking..”Another moaning woman on the line…choosing the wrong option…with no justifiable complaint…when’s my coffee break…’. LOL

  11. Oh our house there is always rock-scissors-paper to see who get the job of ringing the electricity/gas/telephone/you name it company! The best thing we ever did was buy a phone with a hands-free option – now I ring and bake something in the kitchen while they have me on hold! 🙂

  12. True. It is so irritating to call up someone for help. We won’t get in touch with someone quickly whom we need, on top of it we receive so many unnecessary calls that frustrates you.,,

  13. yorkieprincess Says:

    I know exactly what you mean! The 20 options are what get me every time too! I am usually thinking of at least six other things that I need to get done when the options are being spoken and I almost always have to back up and have them given again. What hassel, but you are right there is no way around it if you need something serviced.
    Thanks for reading my blog. I can’t wait to surf yours. I love cooking and you seem to have some very interesting recipes floating about.

    • Dear Karlynn, I am so happy to have you here, you are too kind and generous with your words. It means a lot to me. Please come back and I will do the same. Have a wonderful week! ~ Amanda x

  14. Even customer service in stores ae lacking lately!

  15. Ugh… I have a ton of calls to make today 😦 Thanks for the reminder. lol Enjoy the animated images on your blog. So cool 🙂

  16. An experience we’ve all had. Well told.


  17. well written amanda
    nice and provoking thought

  18. betweenhearts75 Says:

    LOL! Liked this writing, know this so well. Another annoyance is when a robot calls the house and immediately places on hold….=) Wish these companies would pay attention to this writing because it is sooooo true!!!! =)

    • Girlfriend, glad you liked the read….hope you are better, I read your comment about needing to get out more…how I can identify with that!!! If you lived closer, we could have a coffee!! So wonderful having you here. Have a good one ~ Hugs x

  19. I’m always late, this time difference sometimes just doesn’t rock! I’ll leave a note anyway…
    I did the same thing last week…
    problems with internet line…we also have to put in our phone number…cont…1 2 3….cont… 1 2 3 I was on there myself for about half an hour before I got the line I needed…soooooo frustrating! So yes can relate to this one…x

  20. Oh my goodness! The frustration. It’s enough to make a good woman use bad words. And think of all the people who are scavenging for jobs and might like to be the person to answer . . . Blog on . . .

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