You have never met me

Only upon a page

You stalk me from afar

We’re not on the same par


Slowly spinning your web

You came with a smile

I thought you had style

Instead a victim on a pile


I don’t know your reason

For this is all just confusion

Your paranoid imagination

Tedious without hesitation


I broke the line, still can’t see

All I want is to be free

But you keep following

In your sick mind wallowing


56 Responses to “STALKING”

  1. My my my… that was eerie! And the image was scary and haunting!!
    But it was cooool too! The poem was dark and crazy good, girl!!!

    You have variety in your work… I am totally impressed!!!! No wonder I keep coming back for more and more..
    Just don’t brand me a stalker! 😉
    Take care, and stay cautious…
    Love and hugs as ever!

    • Girl, it was meant to be eerie!! So happy you liked it…I woke up at 2am this morning and started writing this down!! Amazing what goes through your mind in the middle of the night! And never will I brand my wonderful friends on here as stalkers LOL 🙂
      Love yah ~ x

      • hehehe… getting up at 2AM to write an eerie… its those “voices” huh??? 😉
        Whatever it is, I am lovin’ it!!!!
        Keep writing, beautiful…. mwaahh

  2. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Gave me the shivers…you have an impressive way with words…I only hope you didn’t have to base them on a real life experience!

    • LOL…the mind is a strange thing! Wrote this at 2am this morning!! It is a fact and it happens in reality, unfortunately.
      Have a happy day (hope not too hot)..Love and hugs x

  3. it was meant to be so scary that it came out funny!

    something an indian hero will say to indian actress in a b grade bollywood movie to get her attention!!

    i am just kidding..hope you do not mind!

  4. yes, midnight at 2am,
    spooky like real.
    magical writing!
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Ji…you remembered it’s Wednesday here already!!! Thanks so much, I always smile from ear to ear when you leave me a comment! It makes me very happy! Lots of love and hugs ~ x

  6. I really liked it, mysterious and strong. Staking your ground. Stay inspired!

  7. What a strange picture!!! Blood eyes and blood tears, is it a…. devil?
    Hope that u dont mention me as that stalking devil!Lol

  8. i really like this, Amanda 🙂 ..
    this is kinda scary and haunting.. great 🙂

  9. Stalkers can be a real pain in the ass especially when all attempts to put them off have been thwarted by them. I’ve had quite a few…nice one Amanda…you wrote this in the way and manner stalkers need to be described.

    Cheers, dear.

  10. Eeerie. Keep them away. Do not play. What else can you say. Go away. lol 🙂 Have a safe night. 🙂

  11. That was a scary picture 😛 and wonderful poem Amanda.. IT is so true.. stalkers are so annoying.. it is as if they dont have any other job but to bug us.. you brought it out very nicely in your poem.. 🙂

    • Ilakya, I suppose the world is made up with all sorts of characters..there is so much more purpose to life than having to follow other people’s moves! Strangely…some don’t realize we have an IP address…thanks for being here girlfriend…you make me smile and I value your presence ~ Hugs x

  12. So creepy… hope it is not for real, but even if it was in a dream, that was a nightmare! I hope you have no more of these at 2 am or ever! But it was well said and the eerie red eyes and blood tears complimented the mood of the poem Heartspell

  13. alleenloper Says:

    mmm…. if it is a real stalker, you should be involving some form of law person… if it is a haunting memory that stalks, then, mmm… it’s hard to let go and I guess only time can heal.

    Whatever it is… it seems like it’s time for action against this person… when they start haunting the early morning hours, the time has come to do something about it…

    • I think I’ve given so many a scare with this poem…ooopppsss…it was written with intend to scare off those REAL stalkers …and there are many!! I actually feel sad for them…how small their world must be!!…Have a fabbbbbbbbb Wednesday ~ Amanda x

  14. Hi Amanda – this poem gave me the chills, it is so well written! Partly, it reminded me of an experience I had recently which actually caused me to move houses!! Not a good situation. Take a look at my poem “The Stalker” if you have the time…..

    Oh, and how do you get such interactive and moving images on your blog?? I am SOooooo impressed! Chloe 🙂

  15. Mysterious and hounting 🙂
    Beautiful & interesting poem…I love it.

  16. Hi girlfriend…we all have those moments..and it is not welcomed!! I will go and read yours straight after. Just go to where I get most of my images to upload and when you do your “new post”, there is a place to upload new images…easy as that!!! Happy blogging girlfriend…and as always, thanks so much for coming here. It means the world to me ..Hugs x

  17. Damn….spooky and sad at the same time, but mostly sad that it happens at all. Be careful, Red.

    Tracy H

  18. Thanks Cowboy….I will be good….coz I have love 🙂

  19. eerie eerie….graphics…you do it everytime…graphics, poem and song, a great combo…x

  20. wow…made me look behind me to make sure no one was stalking me!..Creepy…I like it

  21. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Love the graphic!
    Very effective poem too.
    But now you have written about him/her they will be even eager to stalk you!! Oh no!

  22. anummunaf Says:

    people lyk u that they dont bother to write at 2am

  23. Desiree Says:

    Wow.. you’re very talented! Lovely blog!

  24. another lovely poem wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  25. What a range you have, Amanda. I’m impressed. That illustration is eerie and leads well into the poem. I pray this is dream or metaphor and that you are not literally being stalked . . .


  26. Very interesting, eerie, and dark poem. Great poem! Very nice picture you picked for it too.

  27. Very powerful words and image! Love what comes to us in the middle of the night!

  28. woah!!! strong criticism 😦

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