WINGS OF A DOVE (Thursday Poets Rally Week 25)


I whispered your name

Calling out of deep sleep

Hovering on the border

of fully awakeness


I stirred, then became still

I whispered once more

My voice as light as leaves

Disturbed by a gentle breeze


I slowly open my eyes

A little shadow that cries

Calling out in the night 

Totally out of my sight


Kissed only by sunlight

Where did you go my love

On the wings of a lonely dove

Will I ever feel your love


©AmandavdL 2010



79 Responses to “WINGS OF A DOVE (Thursday Poets Rally Week 25)”

  1. Pretty amazing……………

  2. Thanks so much for the award…you make me smile and happy!!! And as always, I appreciate your comments so much!! oxo

  3. Thanks for stopping by Amanda and come by whenever you like. This is a lovely poem. The lines are so soulful and sweet~

    Wild Rose~

  4. your post is up already, wow,
    I have to do it faster…

    very gentle words,
    how cute the love or passion is expressed here.
    amazing poem!

  5. It is so sweet, but… so sad!!!!

    • Thanks as always for your comments. I write these almost always in the middle of the night or either very early in the morning…must be my most vulnerable times 🙂 Thanks for being here my friend 🙂

  6. loove this! love the poe, the painting, and the song!
    congrats on your award, dear Amanda 🙂

  7. Thank you for this. I love the images and the use of ryhme. Beautiful and thoughtful. – Bill

  8. I hope you will feel this love very soon… beautiful heartfelt poem…and I love that song; haven’t heard it in a long while, so thanks for that. Do you like the music of Keith Urban? Just curious, since he’s an Aussie…I actually really like his music a lot. Heartspell

    • Thanks so much Heartspell…(I love that song too) I adore the music of Keith…and might just use one of his vidoes soon! Thanks for remindng me…it’s always a mission to choose the right image and video for whatever I write 🙂 Hope your day will be a good one my friend. Sending you smiles and love 🙂

  9. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    This was beautiful, as I’ve come to expect from you.


  10. So, it’s Thursday there already! Phew! . . . Absolutely lovely poem, Amanda. Somehow tranquil though sad . . . and . . . I don’t remember now if I offered my congrats on the June poet award. Congratulations! Well deserved my friend, and not at all surprised by the number of votes. Rock on . . .

    • Jamie, there is a time difference of +/-14 hours between us…I know I’m a bit soon, but what’s done is done 🙂 You did send me your wonderful wishes and I appreciate it so much!! Just know that I could never do any of this without all of YOU!! Thanks for voting for me, gorgeous girl!! Have a great Tuesday oxox

      • Well, I can’t seem to track time anymore. I just read this poem again…our lost loves… wish it was an experience none of us had to know. Perfect. Ripe with feeling …

      • I wish no-one has to but life goes on and we have to keep on being positive and smiling…Thanks my dear friend oxo

  11. Poignant writing, very sad.

    • Dankie Cindy, gewoonlik skryf ek in die middel van die nag of baie vroeg in die oggend!!! Must be my most vulnerable time of day!!…Thanks for being here…means much!! x

  12. Excellent poem, Amanda. “…voice as light as leaves disturbed by a gentle breeze” a truly poetic line. You just keep getting better…and the poems do too 😉


    Tracy H

  13. Awww … that was just plain fabulous, Amanda !!
    Every poem you write is turning out to be a masterpiece by itself!! I really really liked the wordplay in this poem… it was brilliant!!
    My only suggestion to you: sleep well, and on time! 😉 heheheh

    YOU ROCK, BABE !!!
    And yes, the dove will fly right back to you in no time… fret not, lovely girl …
    Luv ya loads!

    • helloooo … oh dang! you must be asleep by now.. you really listed to me, didn’t you?! Good girl 🙂

      • Here’s looking at you kid…..hahahaha up at 3.30am!!!! Danggggggggggggggg…Lovies xxx

      • Waking up early girlfriend!!! 14 hours in front of you!!@#$%^&*(((~!!!!! By 10am this morning I’ll be pooped! No..just don’t need a lot of sleep…never have!! And have to visit 18 new poets!! YAHHHHHHHHH!! Lovies xxx

      • aha…. not much sleep required eh?! Same pinch… I am beginning to think that you and I are 2 crazy gals!! 🙂
        I hope for my own sake that I goto bed early tonight! Cuz I slept for all of 5 hrs! 😦 And I HATE puffy and burning eyes! Yet, I never seem to feel sleepy 🙂 I dunno whether to be happy or not about it 🙂
        Oh yea.. 18 fresh poets! Fun times ahead, girl!

      • Yep…we are 2 crazy girls..normally 4 hours is enough for me?????!!!! Went to bed at 11.30pm last night and woke up just before 3.30am!! I know the burning eyes darling but will go for my 7km walk soon and will feel on top of the world then:) This blog is like a baby to me…LOLOLOL…also if you read thus…you’ll understand many of my poems xxx

        Lovies you girlfriend xxx

      • right on to it now! Go on with your walk, lady!
        Will catch u when u r back!
        Luv n Hugs… Take care.. and come back feeling WOW! 🙂

      • Feeling WOW!!!! Smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Takes me forever to get to the messages..sorry so late girlfriend…Luv ya loads too 🙂

  14. Amanda, what a beautiful and touching poem!

    Nothing like love to bring out the muse in us …


  15. wow! amazing 😀

    love the lines and the emotions 🙂

    beautiful pic 🙂

  16. Truly amazing 🙂 wonderful picture and beautiful words that brighten up my day^^

  17. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Neatly constructed and the sentiment is so clearly expressed.
    Another winner!

  18. lovely poemmmm
    u r just perfect

  19. […] July 21, 2010 at 6:03 pm Hi Ji, I would very much like to participate, if I may. Here is my link And I agree and accept all of the rules as stated above. Thanks ~ Amanda […]

  20. you stayed up late,
    hope that you relax,
    have fun visiting when you are ready,
    linked you in,

  21. Wow – this is such a wonderful poem with some amazing lines!!!

    My favourites are “My voice as light as leaves,
    Disturbed by a gentle breeze….” and “I slowly open my eyes,
    A little shadow that cries”

    Excellent!!!! Your words warm my soul!! Chloe 🙂

  22. YOU AWAKE ?!>!>!> Is this waking up early, or sleeping late?? I am still confused 😉
    It’s 5.20am there…right? Phew!!! Please don’t break my records! hehehehe

  23. mairmusic Says:

    A lyrical gem– nicely done!

  24. The wonder and the joy of life when we have the faith to keep it strong. 🙂 Nice one…again. 🙂

  25. i like it.
    Simple but conveys the intended message

  26. this reminds me of a song a friend of mine wrote about a lost love. it is poignant, and heartfelt. thank you for sharing this emotion with me!

  27. GORGEOUS again!! Just … wow. You’re an amazing, amazing poet yourself!!

  28. evangelinehannah Says:

    Delightfully melancholy. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Very sweet.

  30. The pain of love unattainable… When they dominate your thoughts to the point where they enter your dreams…

  31. My heart skipped a beat or two or three, first the photo took my breath away and the verse that followed reached to the depths of myself. That feeling of either the unattainable lover, or deep in the heart one can hear their name being called… that just keeps one going forward.

    Sensual and mysterious romantic love.. and a beautiful title for doves are messengers from God and are symbolic for several meanings – including love and peace.

    from thursdays rally

    two posts today one is for jingles rally

  32. mangoesntangoes Says:

    This poem reminds me of the Songs of Solomon when the lover was looking for her beloved. The same thought and smiliar words were voiced. Great Job!

  33. […] 3. Amanda: […]

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