Darkest moon glows

Within my mind I wander

Till the break of day



©AmandavdL 2010

54 Responses to “GLOW”

  1. I love it. And the picture. Simple and powerful. – Bill

  2. To the night!!!! Yaaaayyyy !! 🙂 Our very good friend…isn’t she? 🙂
    Neat haiku, girl! And an amazing image! All your images are so cool! Do you make them yourself? I won’t be surprised at all, if you! Dazzling!

    Have a bright day ahead ! 🙂

    • See, the night thing plays so much on my mind, I even write poems about it!!! Hahaha…thanks, I’m glad you liked it. I get most of my images off Keefers and sometimes change them a bit.
      Have a great night my friend x

  3. soulintention: signed .............bkm Says:

    I love Van Morrision…nice piece great music…bkm

  4. mairmusic Says:

    crazycool pic! and the haiku is definitely in the tradition– well written!

  5. May your journey in life be always full of many smiles and much love. 🙂

  6. Oh Amanda, I just love all the songs you pick…they are all so good and I haven’t heard a lot of them in a long time. Beautiful moon photo…I hope your daybreak and whole day was just lovely, like you… Heartspell

    • Heartspell, every time I read your comments, it makes me smile!! It is fun looking for the music videos (although a mission to get the right one to match the scene) and I enjoy them too:) Sending you lots of hugs and love my dear friend ~ oxo

  7. Simple. Marvelous. I love it.

  8. live4love4life Says:

    so much beauty in simplicity. thx for sharing!

  9. Definition of “lovely” in three, well-written lines 😀

  10. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    Wonderful, as usual. BTW – I’ve passed along the “Your comments are my Sunshine Award!” Ciao!

  11. It is so good to read your works again after such long time 😉 Wonderful poem Amanda..! the nighttime is so haunting for me (in a good way) so I can totally relate to your poem.!

  12. lovely haiku and cool picture! 😀 great one!

  13. Love the song and the haiku.
    Morning my friend!

  14. very beautiful!

  15. Red, your poetry skills are finally coming to the front…Beautiful piece! May I say…I’m very proud of you for letting your poetry ink flow like this 🙂

    Plus…You can’t miss with Van Morrison.

    Mr. Tracy Lee Harris

  16. sweet and it really encapsulates what a dream is

  17. Such powerful lines, amazing! Great picture too!

  18. Love the red moon! If you don’t already know, moons are my sweet spot and your haiku fits right into that spot. Here’s to wandering the night in our poetic hearts ❤

  19. The moon never fails to inspire me… Love the powerful words and the beautiful picture! 🙂

  20. This is so beautiful! Perfect, simple and memorable! Thanks, Chloe 😀 xx

  21. nice 3 liner 🙂

    deep meaning in those few words 😀

    and AWESOME pic 🙂

  22. great haiku and i really like the picture- wonder if it can work on my blog if i copy and pasted it. haha! just joking- its your copyright..

    • You are more than welcome to copy and paste any picture on my page, there is no copyright on any of them. Have a brilliant day my friend and thanks for being here 🙂

  23. Just lovely! A great way to start my day.

  24. i am a moonchild and i love this piece!!! oh, did i say also that i am a big fan of yours? i really am, amanda! =)

  25. Alejandra Says:

    Perfection! I have trouble getting a haiku to be this meaningful. Kudos 🙂

  26. love the haiku and the image is the perfect piece to go with–lovely.

  27. Loved this, its beautiful!

  28. “Within my mind I wander” Beautifully said!

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