Twenty to midnight

Listening to the rain

Ears become attuned

Of what passes for silence


The snapping of a twig

A crushing of leaves

The rustling of branches

Nothing goes unheard


The sound of waiting

Reprieve in leaves and branches

Exhaustion in drowned earth 

Disturbance of air


The room in darkness

Wild beating of my heart

I rose

And felt alive


©AmandavdL 2010




72 Responses to “EYE OF THE STORM”

  1. Woooooowwww .. that was dark and chilling, and very different from your other writings..
    But AWESOME nevertheless! Nights/rains/storms .. these seem to have some sort of a mystical effect on us..don’t they? They bring out certain aspects to our natures that don’t always surface..
    This was LOVELY !!! (got gossebumps reading it!)
    Way to go, Amanda!!
    Cheers! To feeling alive!! 🙂

    • Thanks girlfriend, I have sooooo much catching up to do, have millions of new posts to read, missed all of you!! Is that what they call addiction!!?? If it is, I am a lost soul 🙂
      Congrats on the award you awesome girl…everyone loves you so very much, your sunny nature is infectious!!! And I am right up there with all of them. Lovies you oxox

      • oh..you busy lady! You really have a lot of catchin’ up to do! Loadsa fabulous posted recently by some amazing poets!! Loads and loads.
        I read so many that I forgot to write one myself! pheeww 🙂

      • You rock girlfriend and are loved by so many!! Not even close to reading them all…wish there were more hours in a day!! Tomorrow is Sunday and I’ll try to spend as much time here as I can.. Lotsa love xx

  2. I love a storm. I would never want to see anyone hurt, of course. There is just something awesome about a storm. I like the way the tension builds. Great poem.

    • Storms are fascinating but sometimes a bit scary too. We had one of those nasty ones last night…and needless to say….a poem had to be written 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend my dear friend x

  3. I also feel alive in a storm. You have to be ready to see whatever it brings. Beauty or tragedy. Nice one. Oh, try to get some rest now and then. 🙂

  4. Love the lightning picture… it is thundering and lightning and raining here right now. Sorry you were frightened in the storm…they do pass…we have a tropical storm brewing. I’ve been through my share of Hurricanes…not a lot of fun…very frightening at times. Hope the sun is shining there today. Heartspell

    • Had the mother of all storms here last night…that encouraged this poem and could not go to bed before I had written this!! Today is a gorgeous sunny day…no sign of storm (or is the storms more in our minds at times LOL)?? Never had the experience of a Hurricane and cannot even imagine what that would be like!! Thanks for your always invaluable comments my friend x

  5. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Your words have so eloquently captured the feeling of energy and anticipation that accompanies a storms eye. I find myself waiting for the roll of thunder and the flash of lightening!

  6. very musical and beautiful sound poem…

    I hear the t-storm…

  7. wonderfully written..

    you are my fav bloggers..

  8. I felt a meditative peace while reading this, and read it again, and each time I read it, I feel that same peace I feel when I’m attuned to my darkened room.
    Subtly powerful writing!

    • Awww, this touched my heart so much!! I thank you so very much for your kind words and encouragement. It really means so much. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend xx

  9. Amanda – this – all of it – was goose-bump good. The words: the sound of waiting and reprieve in leaves, gave me that feeling, that knowing the eye of the storm was above and more soon to come – the expectancy; ooh, it was lovely!

    Just as powerful were the incredible photos of African skies… Are these your pictures? Did you take them? I can’t imagine a place with a sky so big and so orange, where silhouettes claim the shapes of tree, animal and human and pull the deep coloured streaks down, like a silk-screened canvas that covers the sun.

    • I truly appreciate your wonderful comment and thank you so very much for your always continued encouragement!! This is not my pictures but I am so very much familiar with the African red skies as I grew up there. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a sunrise next to a waterhole in a park filled with wild animals and truly food for my soul. I go back there on a yearly basis just to recoop!! It really is amazing and I will encourage everyone to see it! I wish you the best weekend my friend and thanks again for being here. Lots of love ~ Amanda

  10. So beautiful and powerful! Great poem, I think it is one of your best I have read so far.

    • Wow…what a wonderful comment and am so very happy you liked it!! Your continued support and comments make me smile and so very happy!! Have a fantastic weekend my friend ~ Amanda x

  11. suzicate Says:

    The sound of waiting…fabulous! Storms can be both unnerving and yet calming to some degree…for me, it depends on both it’s intensity and my mood. I love this.

    • I missed you girlfriend and am so happy to see you’re back!! I love what you said…and true…lots to do with my mood too!! Hope you had a wonderful time 🙂 Hugs x

  12. Excellent piece of poetry, Amanda! Something visceral about it…with a score added it could be a scene from a thriller movie. Very well done, Bravo! You get better every day. I’m damn proud of you, if I may say.

    Red Rocks!


    • Blush blush…and she hides her head!! I am totally flattered and you should know by now that I value your support and comments immensely. Thanks a bunch for all those kind words Cowboy ~ Hugs oxo

  13. Jy toor met jou woorde.
    Exquisite writing, very evocative, well done.

  14. whoa!

    This was like a chilling page from a dark life. Who was resurrected!!!??? The picture just added to the effect.

    Great one Amanda!

    • LOL, I was!!!! Woke up from the storm and started writing!! Crazy what storms do to me:) 🙂 🙂 Thanks for being here my friend and have a FAB weekend!!!! x

  15. Hmmm i wonder why my comment got cut off in the front :O,
    anyways i was actually saying that i hate the storm personally as i tend to jump around the house and my family thought I was crazy but this is a great poem and thank for sharing , I hope I can conquer my fear one day without people thinking I am crazy XD

  16. anummunaf Says:

    gr8……. this is marvellous……. u give your words an apparent look

  17. divine…..felt alive with blissful rain……
    breath in…..love…
    breath out …..happiness…
    true ends of life…….
    alive….breath to breath..
    bless you ……

  18. I LOVE storms- they are one of nature’s greatest shows! 🙂
    And love the poem Amanda; dark, mysterious and totally gripping! Its too bad that it’s summer, your poem made me wish I could hear the thunder and smell the earth after rain…

    • It is winter here in Australia Lua, I am not a winter person but also love the smell of the earth after rain. Thanks for your continued support…It warms my heart ~ Hugs x

  19. amanda that’s lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  20. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Neat poem and great graphic. Do you live on the computer? LOL
    I love the last couple of lines.

  21. watte poem 🙂

    awesome write 😀

  22. Cool poem and graphic, Amanda. Like how you describe the sounds of waiting.

    • Having you visit always makes me very happy and I apprecate your continued encouragement and invaluable comments immensely Adam. Have a wonderful weekend my friend ~ A

  23. wow excellent poem and graphic xxx

  24. divine……your blog is a creative enlightenment…….you are on my blogroll….good inspirations…..thanks…..

    love all…

  25. Silindile Ntuli Says:

    Creepy, creepy good and so nice.. At some point I wanted to close my eyes and hear it being read out loud, beautiful.

  26. Even though i don’t like thunder but I am coming back as your poems really got me on 🙂 and i loved them totally~ Thank for sharing and I am back to present this to you 😛

    Here is a reward for you;D


    • I am smiling from ear to ear…thanks so very much my friend…I truly appreciate it…your visits and continued support warms my heart. Have a fabulous weekend ~ Hugs x

  27. Wow – this is amazing!! It makes me feel SOoooo alive!! You are such a great poet. Have a great weekend. Chloe 🙂 xx

  28. Wow! I love the lightening and the music! Your poem is superb!
    I loved the entire poem; this stands out for me;
    “Listening to the rain
    Ears become attuned
    Of what passes for silence”


  29. This was awesome. Could feel the chill in the air… and electricity in the air…

    I actually LOVE a good thunderstorm… they bring back good memories for me. I wrote about them myself a while back if you’re interested – http://poemsbysam.wordpress.com/2009/08/16/heavenly-strikes-haiku/

    Thanks and take care. =)

  30. Oh my, yes! Storms are alive and enlivening . . . well structured and evocative poem. I like it a lot, Amanda. Also, keep meaning to tell you that I love the music selections you choose to complement each post. They always seem quite perfect. Thank you!

    • I have to tell you that it’s a mission to get the right song to match whatever I write!! (sometimes takes more time than the actual poem lol) Thanks so much my friend xx

  31. simply awesome. the last line made it so very perfect 🙂

  32. This all, getting “alive” feeling from even the simplest things simply makes me awe! very lovely write.
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. kelleygrrl Says:

    I love this poem…it reminds me of so many nights awake lying in bed…

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