A touch of blue

your eyes so true

I take shelter

like a ghost

at night

in the field

of my dreams

I feel the dampness

of the oceans spray

trying to find my way

and I celebrate you

without a sound

or cheers

in the absence

of a whisky

on ice

the sound of

our special song

plays safely

in my memory vault


©AmandavdL 2010


61 Responses to “*BLUE*”

  1. to me, this is easily the best poem you have ever written. It is a heartfelt piece of human emotion in words.

    Tracy H

  2. Poignant poem buttercup.

  3. Is the image also your creation? Very striking. Interesting illustration to you word art. A ghost taking shelter is an intriguing concept. Nice read. thanks

    • I am so happy you liked it…it is always a mission to get the image and video just right…(sometimes the poem’s the easiest!!!!) I am so happy you’ve enjoyed it. Your presence here warms my heart!! Thank you so very much! ~ Amanda x

  4. lovely poem \=)

    so touching..

  5. divine…….your eyes so true…..

    very nice……love all….

  6. Striking poem, I can sense the raw emotions leaking, it’s intense but wonderful! Blue is my favorite color 🙂

  7. Very emotianal..and lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  8. wonderful nostalgic poem!
    I love these lines…

    “trying to find my way

    and I celebrate you

    without a sound”

  9. I can feel your journey and your passion here in your brilliant words. We have to express them to understand them and come to peace with then, huh? Hope all is well. You have been doing a lot of beautiful posting. I have read, but do not have time to post a comment on all of them. Please know that I am with you along for the ride. 🙂

    • Oh Luisa, so lovely to see you here my dear friend. I have had a crazy week so far too but it’s all good and also not enough time to post on all. I appreciate your kind words immensely and hope you have a wonderful time with your lovely family!! I’m thinking of you too. Sending you much love my dear friend and keep smiling ~ Hugs xx 🙂

  10. This is a wonderful poem Amanda.. Especially the lines
    “I take shelter..like a ghost..at night..in the field of my dreams”.. I’ve been thru the exact same experience (in a different context though).. There is a scent of unsaid pain in this poem that, I find, is so gripping!! Its amazing Amanda..

  11. precise and compact,
    well done piece.
    keep shining!

  12. Amanda, this one is truly elegant, sweet, gentle, and inspiring. I enjoy your poetry always, but this one is very special. The blue image sweeps me into the dream, and the words hold me spellbound. Thank you for sharing.

    • This one is very special to my heart Carol and I am so glad you liked it. Hope your day is a good one my friend (I’m going to have a crazy Friday…but all good!!) Hugs x

  13. I feel the emotions contained in this poem. I hope you are fine my dear friend the memories keep you going in the absence of these close people…Take care of you.


    • Em….oh how you make me smile, I am so happy to see you here. Been thinking of you often and hope everything is good in your world. Thanks for your comment my friend, I am just doing fine…and always taking care of me 🙂 :)….hope you do the same my dear friend. ~ Hugs xxxx

  14. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Blue is a color that is usually associated with things that are cold or feelings of sadness, but with this emotional poem I think think that you have quite effectively turned it to something warm and yet comforting despite the sadness. It is a beautiful piece!

    • Cindy…this poem’s very dear to my heart…I am so glad you liked it. Even though there is sadness …it tells the story of a love that will never fade but memories live on forever and that is a wonderful thing. Life goes on…and we take them with us. Thanks for your lovely comment my friend. Hugs x

  15. Perfect:) Blue is also the cool of protection n calm…thats is comforting just as ur poem is…btw where do u get ur images from?

    • Hi baby, thanks for your lovely comment. The images and video that goes with whatever I write, sometimes takes longer than the actual writing!! It truly is a mission but one that I enjoy. I have the priviledge of a friend that has hundreds of images (graphic designer) but also sometimes plays around with my own. If at lost…I google it! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happy you like it my friend Hugs xxx

  16. Oh girl girl girl!!! This poem was full of some deep sorrow, that seemed to have come gushing out! Like memories blinding you, flooding your eyes with tears.. a helplessness that was inevitable!! Like you cried after trying to hold back for a long time…
    This poem was truly very moving and FULL of feeling…
    I absolutely loved this, Amanda! Somehow, a poem with sadness, really appeals to me! It speaks volumes, which, I believe regular words and actions just cannot say!
    I sincerely pray you aren’t going through a sad moment, and that you don’t ever have to go through a sad moment EVER in your life…
    I love you HEAPS, sweet lady… take care, and keep writing !! You RULE!!!
    (a 1000 hugs and a 100000 kisses coming your way! hope you get them when you wake up 🙂 )

    • Baby…this poem’s indeed dear to my heart but sometimes we need those moments to just give way if we feel the longing or sadness and then move on again. It’s 5am here, I have a crazzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyy day ahead and will only be able to write again this afternoon 😦 I know you’re on your computer too as I see you replying to messages…you have a wonderful rest of day and I am sending you loads and loads of love. And my my….I could feel those hugs and kisses…THEY MEAN THE WORLD TO ME GIRLFRIEND!!!! Thanks and RIGHT back at you!!!! Mwah Mwah Mwah xxxxx Keep writing your magic girlfriend oxoxox

      • hehehe… have a great day!!
        Yes, we all need such moments to get back with a BANG!
        I loved the tender shape of your poem… it’s so delicate .. matches the feeling in it..

      • u know.. like a swirling ribbon… very pretty and easy on the eyes..

      • I did not think of that way but now that you mention it!! You have wonderful imagination girl!! Mwah xx

      • heheheh… and you are one crazy lovely lady! thank you…
        Now me off to some poetry writing… have NO IDEA what to write 🙂

    • I’d love to see you write a mystical one 🙂 🙂 Just saying…wink wink xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • oooohhh….okay, on my list!!! You will be the first to know when i post one! 😉 (hopefully, soon enough)

      • Wink wink:) 🙂 Thanks babes xx

      • hey busy girl.. just wanted to drop by and say Hi 🙂
        Well, its 5pm there… I bet u r having a fun friday evening! 😉

      • Heyyyyyyyyyy gorgeous girl….had such a crazyyyyy day and am relaxing now, just wrote a poem but will only post it in the early morning hours!! (or maybe earlier)!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me…it really makes me smile and feel so very special!!! About to head over to read yours too!! I love you girlfriend 🙂 🙂 🙂 Heaps and heaps and heaps xxxx

  17. Somehow I missed the song, I Got You Babe! Sonny and Cher. It’s been so long since I’ve hear that! I’m listening for the second time. Thanks for sharing! You rock, Amanda!!!

    • Seems it takes forever before I get to answer your messages…it’s Saturday morning 6am, happy it’s weekend!! Thanks for your lovely messages always Carol. Hope your weekend will be a good one too my friend x

  18. This is another awesome poem Amanda – with the best illustration imaginable.

    I have yet to listen to any of the music you post with your poems (because I have a rubbish internet connection!), but I can hear the music in my mind.

    You serve the whole platter of experiences for your readers…including the recipes! lol 😀

    • Aww Chloe….you always say the most awesome things to me and I smile from ear to ear!! Thanks girlfriend and I hope you’re going to have a wonderful weekend!! (Mine has started already!) Sending you lots of love:) x

  19. suzicate Says:

    Wow, that picture is powerful, piercing and intense, and the words lovely.

    • Thanks Suzi…glad you liked my friend…it’s almost weekend, hope you will have a lovely one!! Mine has started already!! Yeahhhh xx Much love my friend x

  20. Great poem. The short poem at the end of your last post was great too.
    Thanks for all the nice things you say 🙂

  21. I know you love the color red and I do , too, but I especially really love the color blue…so I love the picture, it really pulls you in. But I have loved all the red pictures , too… photographically, they stand out more, and I love that.
    I know this poem was from the heart, because I felt so sad with you as I read it… I know we all have times like these, but I feel doubly sad when a dear friend like you is hurting… feel better, ok? I’m sending lots of love and hugs your way for a better day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoHeartspell

    • I had a tear as I read you comment and felt your love….so very much. Thanks my friend, it means so much…and today….I am smiling! I think we all have those days when we pour our hearts out…to better after. I am sending you lots of love and hugs too. Always…Amanda xxxxxxxxx

  22. you write beauty. thank you for stopping by my blog the other day … xo

  23. I can feel the longing and the place where someone missing should be. Such a true poem. Painful . . . Comes together with the picture . . . Blue for sadness, but also for protection . . . Archangel Michael . . . the BVM . . . My heart is with you, dearest Amanda . . . xoxo.

  24. i really love the image you have here. you certaintly put the reader in the skin of the writer, i was there–was that cigarette smoke … ???

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog. your comment and compliment is very much appreciated!

    warm smiles,

  25. that was beautiful amanda…such wonderful emotion you evoke….lovely.

    • Thanks so much Brian, it warms my heart to see you here and I value your comments immensely!! You are such a talented writer…a wonderful inspiration to me. Have a great weekend my friend ~ Amanda

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