There is a word in the dictionary that’s of fundamental importance….not just in our own lives but on every single level of society. The word I am referring to is TRUST….yes…5 letters that says so much.  It is the one word that should be the biggest treasure of our lives and a word that so many of us underestimate or not understand it’s value. Without trust we cannot get through a single day, life becomes intolerable, a constant battle against paranoia and looming disasters.

When we were born, the first lesson we were taught was to trust each other but sadly, our childhood innocence gave way to society in which there was no place for trust!?  Relationships cannot survive without trust, let alone good ones.  Intimacy depends on it and trust in each other gives strength and vitality on every single level, it gives inner happiness which is priceless. .  Trust is a synonym for warmth in every relationship, it gives us a sense of deep bonding.

If we are balanced and mature in our thoughts and action, people will trust us.  We live in our own world of likes and dislikes, as we are not able to create a right balance.  Someone has to begin the cycle of trust by an act of faith. I know life isn’t perfect and some people aren’t trustworthy but, it takes a conscious act of unconditional belief in that other person’s good sense, ability, honesty or sense of commitment to set the ball rolling.  Most importantly, trust your instinct…if something does not feel right, go with what you know is right! 

Trust your instincts

Trust your heart


You won’t fall apart


Extracts from Sanjay Verma

38 Responses to “TRUST”

  1. Hi Buttercup. Trust is one of the big words. Beautiful to have. Painful when violated. – Bill

  2. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    This piece is simply elegant. As I’ve aged, its become apparent to me that trust is imbued in every single action we take. At a store, we trust the clerk to ring the product up correctly. At work, we trust that our co-workers are interacting with us in good faith. In a relationship, we trust that the person we are with is presenting themselves honestly. Every single interaction we have is predicated on trust.

    It blew me away when I realized this.

    Excellent, piece …Jhannet

    • Jhannet, you have said it perfectly…every single interaction is predicted on trust…and it is sad that it is not respected and honored as it should. Thanks for your comment, it always makes me happy and I look forward to it every single time. Much love ~ Amanda x

  3. Trust is so hard to get and so easy to lose. I like your line about a conscious act of unconditional faith being the kry to trust….so true.

    • I am so glad you liked it Monkey Man:):)…It is a key issue that means so much in my life…but life is a learning curve to all of us…I appreciate your presence so very much. Thank you x

  4. Trust is built on experience. People that have suffered much often have more difficulty trusting. But as pointed out above, life is intolerable without trust. There are few people as nice as you, Amanda. You earn the trust that people put in you.

  5. Amanda

    this may be a duplicate – know not where the only comment went?

    As I was getting ready to visit your post you were leaving me a comment on mine, thank you so very much for your kind words.

    TRUST, volumes can be written about this topic, and I could drone on endlessly about trust, lack of trust, trust, the endless dance I do.

    However, your post is eloquent , graceful and meaningful, a blessing to read and reread. your words come from your heart and soul. Enjoyed spending time here.


  6. That is so well said, Amanda!! Trust is such an important aspect of life – in others, yes.. but most importantly, in self If one cannot trust oneself, it’s almost impossible to trust another human being.. and then, everything goes topsyturvy!
    That’s a very important message you’ve conveyed here, girl… I am so proud of you!!!
    The short poem you’ve written towards the end REALLY summed it up very well!!!
    The image is lovely as ever, and so suitable for the topic! And so is the track…
    Keep up the awesomeness, sweet lady! You really are a true motivator, and a dear to have around!
    Loadsa of love, and a zillion hugs to you… mwahhhz 😀

    • oh.. and I somehow feel that my poem today and your piece here go very well together 🙂 YAAAYYY…. we ROCK…don’t we???? 🙂

    • Kav….sorry it took so long to anwer but it’s been a hectic day!! It’s after 7pm here now and I have the biggest day tomorrow but not without answering you …You bring sunshine to my life and for that I thank you. I’ve said it before, your mission in life, apart from writing the most wonderful poems ever, is to make people feel good and appreciated. We need so much more of that….I love you loadza MORE and keep that light shining gorgeous girl. Always your friend…Amanda xxxxxxxx

  7. Patty Sherry Says:

    Such a lovely piece, and you said it all when you spoke of trusting your instinct. It is so true how often we do not simply trust in ourselves. There is no fear of falling when you have a parachute of trust. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. lifeinarecipe Says:

    As always your wonderful way with words and your insight have melded to create a piece that reaches to the heart of us. Thank you for trusting us by sharing a part of you each time you post!

  9. Nicely put buttercup, as Shakespeare said:

    Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  10. Thats true, Amanda.. more trust is needed in this world.. trusting is like a leap of faith. Very gracefully written 🙂 hugs to you xoxo

    • Imagine…it’s after 7pm..Thursday evening here but can’t close up without anwering you….You make me happy and your comments means so much…I’m sending bear hugs right back at you!!!! Mwah xxx

  11. very true, Buttercup.

    And I find if we are people of our word and offer with a giving heart it’s not long until we are trusted, indeed.


  12. Beautiful post Amanda, you’re right, we need to trust, even if it means getting hurt. As children we trust too much, and life teaches us not to trust so much. It is hard trusting though. But without it, we cannot live life. So best thing to do is trust, get hurt, and become stronger. For the few people who don’t hurt us, even going through a little pain at the cost of others will be worth it.

  13. u touched an important topic here,
    very powerful poem.

  14. Ah, you’ve hit the nail on the head here Amanda. Trust is so vital in everything we do in life – and it is one of the most essential ingredients in a good relationship. I always believe that we should give EVERYBODY a basic level of trust and respect – simply because they are human..but deeper trust and respect has to be earned by ones’ actions.

    Great read on a great topic! Thanks for sharing!

    Chloe 😀 xx

    • You have defined it even better…deeper trust and respect has to be earned by actions….I am always looking forward to your comments so much!!! Hugs hugs hugs x

  15. Your post is very thought-provoking, Amanda. I think trust is built upon acts of empathy and kindness, genuine selfless behavior.

  16. Trust is the basic essence of our life Amanda, and you’ve described it so well. Every relationship is built on trust, and without it, the relationship will never be a happy or gratifying one. Thanks for this inspiring post!

    • I am happy that this inspired you Ilakya, and you have said it so well. I hope you’re going to have an awesome weekend my dear friend and thanks for being here ~ Mwah x

  17. My basic instinct is to think that others can be trusted; I guess that’s why it hurts so much if I find that they did not honor that trust, but that doesn’t mean I won’t trust again… their untrustworthiness does not have to change me. Maybe I will be a little more cautious, but the one who is untrustworthy is the one who loses out and soon enough it will catch up with him or her. I love what you said about trustung your instincts…it’s that gut-feeling you have when you know something is not right or on the other hand, exactly right.
    Good post, Amanda. I had never heard the song, but liked it so much. Thanks for sharing. Heartspell xx:)

    • I share your exact sentiment on this subject Heartspell…and have always trusted my instincts, no-one better than ourselves to know right from wrong! So happy you liked the song, deep meaning and heartfelt to me. Sorry for being so late replying, been a crazy week but the weekend has arrived and time to relax!! Hope you have a good one too my dear friend oxox

  18. We cannot get through the days or nights without it . . . fine piece, my friend, as always. Thank you!

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