I hear noise all around me
it echos in this space
I have no part in it

The crescent moon
the wind rustling
through the leaves
of trees
I sit alone
in silent dialogue with my thoughts
quiet beating of my heart
peace rests snugly
in the womb of dusk
if I could..
I would..
capture it

right now….

here …

in this moment
I am complete

happy …

without reason
to be me!


©AmandavdL 2010

41 Responses to “CARPE DIEM”

  1. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I think you did a marvelous job capturing the moment. Your feelings of peace and just being in the moment make for a very comforting piece…I love it!

    • You have put the biggest smile on my face Cindy…you are a very special Lady and I am proud and honored to call you my friend. Your Aussie friend and fan ~ oxoxox

  2. that was beautiful!

  3. and happy are we that you are!!

    This was lovely.

    The moon and comet are gorgeous, too, but the winking light effect made me wonder if you were trying to suggest that this was the end-of-the-world-asteroid? So much for earth’s moment – it’s over!

    • Thanks Cindy…LOL…you made me laugh..I am looking at the pic again with a different perspective now LOLOL….I was thinking in terms of a “shooting star” Ha…thanks for being here my dear friend and have a wonderful weekend ~ HUgs x

  4. Meaningful–in silent dialogue with my thoughts! xx

  5. It sure is a joy to exist now and be happy for who we are.. the Carpe Diem is really beautiful Amanda.. very heartening..!!! 🙂

  6. suzicate Says:

    Again, you do it! You amaze me that you can find such fabulous art to go with your pretty words and then top it off with the perfect song!!!! How do you do it? You are multitalented!

  7. Beautiful thoughts and stunning image! “Peace rests snugly in the womb of dusk.” Captivating. Amanda, you are very talented.

    • I always smile at your comments…the things that comes to mind in the early morning hours….the best time of day for me!! Thanks Carol, so very much ~ xxxx

  8. very moving and beautiful word flow.
    thanks for the style and skill of excellence!

    • Thanks Ji, it is so much fun to me and even better when you’re visiting! Hope you have a brilliant weekend with your family and sending you loads of love xx

  9. Lovely sentiment in this poem…just content and peaceful. I’m glad you are feeling happy in this one. Love the ambience of the photo and the song… words cannot express the beauty of it…just ah….Heartspell

    • My friend, mostly I am always happy but I think my heart speaks volumes in the eary hours of the morning, that is when I feel most creative. I hope you have the best weekend and a relaxing time. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day…I will head to Tamborine Mountain…food for the soul. Fresh air and nature…what more can anyone ask for!! I am sending you tons of love my gorgeous friend xxxx

  10. Fantastic, Red! You thrill me every day, and the poetry just keeps getting better. I won’t even go into what a groovy picture finder you are 🙂
    To me you are a joy.


    • It makes me smile and happy to read your comments Cowboy and so glad you enjoy coming here. It’s always my pleasure to help you find an image for your wonderful poetry. I am your biggest fan and get so much inspiration from you and for that I thank you. Sincerely ~ Red x

  11. I loved reading this at dawm, very peaceful.
    Lekker naweek vir jou maatjie!

    • Ek hoop jy het ook ‘n lekker naweek maatjie, dis sonskyn buite en ‘n briljante dag, ek gaan later met my kamera op na Tamborine Mountain….vars lug en die natuur, wat meer kan ek vra!! Tonne liefde vir jou oxox

    This was too good a poem, Amanda…the thoughts there are really fine and deep…
    The best and the worst thoughts come to me when I am alone(even if it is the most crowded place of all)… talking to my own mind.. the most fruitful conversations ever! 🙂
    You have put it wonderfully here… honestly!!!
    “here …
    in this moment
    I am complete” — Excellent!!! Summed it up so well!!!
    Have a lovely weekend, lady!!! (hugs and kisses…mwah mwah)

    • I am answering yesterday’s comment and I see you’ve already made another today!! I have to admit, I find joy in the early morning hours and also my most creative time (as you would know by now lol) Whatever you do…wherever you are…have the best fun this weekend!! I am about to head over and read all of the new poetry…am so far behind!! Sending you tons and tons of love and hugs dear one!!!! Mwah Mwah xxx

  13. Amanda

    Beautiful eye candy photo. Love how you wrote this poem, and how you seize the day by being fully immersed in it.


  14. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Love the image of having a dialogue with your thoughts!

    • Thanks Jess….I am about to head over and read all your new work…am a bit behind!! Thanks as always my dear friend…hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Amanda xxx

  15. love it 😀

    awesome writing 😀

  16. This is the feeling of peace of mind. It is good you have it. I will always wish the best for you and peace of mind is the best thing humans can crave for.

    Have a super weekend, dear one.


  17. “in this moment
    I am complete”
    Oh to be able to say this…
    To catch that moment and recognize my own existence and how complete I am, just being in the moment…
    Thank you for the beautiful poem Amanda 🙂

  18. I love this poem – it is simply beautiful! It also has an amazing message too – that we should all be grateful for who we are – for no particular reason – apart from us all having unlimited potential, being human, and being ‘worth it’.

    Have a great day my friend 😀 xx

  19. Oh my, Amanda: grateful for who we are – yes – and grateful for the gift of you that you share each day. Thank you!

  20. Thank you for the beautiful music, Amanda. I used to skip all the music on blogs, but I played yours. We must have similar taste in music because I’ve enjoyed everyone. My husband has enjoyed them as well.

    • Carol, I have to say that music has played such a big part in my life and I am very happy to share them with you (and your husband)..nothing better than the oldies from days gone by! Sorry I am so late in replying but has been busy….Monday is almost over again!! Have a great week my dear friend xxxx

  21. Its beautiful.. yes we are to be happy to be what we are…
    am happy that you are…
    loved how you linked it with a perfect picture and a perfect song for it… you really are talented.

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