He’ll write a song to my heart

with the rays of the sun

He’ll play that song

softly to my heart


He’ll knock at the door

of my lonely heart

I’ll open it softly

Never to close again


And our souls forever

together will float

on wings of happiness

He’ll write every morning


To me

with his soul’s pen


©AmandavdL 2010


43 Responses to “BOLERO”

  1. Wow – this is a phenomenal graphic – very Salvador Dali-ish! Amazing.

    Your poem is so beautiful and romantic Amanda – and you perfectly describe what many a girl is looking for. “And our souls forever, together will float, on wings of happiness” – WOW! So well written my friend! 😀 xx

    • So happy you enjoyed the graphic…I was not sure at first (with the tears) because the poem is not meant to be sad. Leaning towards hope in my mind!! Love you lots Chloe Mwah mwah mwah xx

      • No, I really think it works – your graphics rock! Besides, we often shed tears of joy right? Love you loads too! Thanks for all of your support 🙂 xx

      • And I thank you for your support my spunky girlfriend…you are so so talented!! Hope you have a great week ahead. Mwah xxx

  2. wow wow wow… with his soul’s pen!! Lovely words, those…
    A very romantic and soulful poem, Amanda…
    It spoke of longing and hope… ME LOVES!!!
    Hope you have a fantabulous Sunday!!! 😀

    • It’s a glorious day and I amgoing to enjoy every bit of sunshine it offers. Maybe get more inspiration…so my soul’s pen get filled lol!!! Lovies you lots and lots…enjoy your Saturday night:) 🙂 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. the image is TOTALLY WOW girl…. the fire in the eyes is just toooo convincing… every word written in the poem is descriptive of the look in those eyes…. BRILLIANT!!!!

    • I love this image too…was not sure at first because of the tears…the poem was not meant to be sad…more one of hope!! But it warms my heart to know it had the right effect!!! Yahhhhhh….A million smiles and hugs just for you!!!!! xxxx

  4. Just like the others, I was wowed by the fire in the eyes – gorgeous illustration
    I love the words: he’ll write a song with the rays of the sun – that’s nice – really nice

  5. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Beautiful! It touches the hopeless romantic in me!

    • That makes 2 of us….let’s hope that never ever change!! I always say there is a little girl in me that will never totally grow up…and I am ok with that:) 🙂 🙂 Hugs and kisses oxox

  6. divine…. nice…

    To me

    with his soul’s pen…..

    open …….

    I am here now..

    love all…..

  7. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    As always, very sweet and soulful. Hope your weekend is treating you right. Regards…

  8. I like the optimism. This kind of spirit keeps relationships going especially through the rough and stormy times. More sunshine in your world.

    Stay well dear one.


    • My dear Em, the weekend was such a good and sunny one, I am so late replying to these messages but know that I always appreciate each and every one from you!! Have a good week my friend x

  9. Oh, so beautiful. I love the imagery of his soul’s pen. You have a very special way with words.
    X Lisa
    There is an award waiting for you, under the post, “50 posts later”

    • Lisa, you make my day….thanks so very much for the award, I truly appreciate it and am so sorry for only replying now! You are a special lady and I am happy to call you friend. Have a good week my friend xx

    • Oh my, I am so very late in replying and am so sorry!! Thanks so very much my friend, I truly appreciate it so very much!! I am honored and proud to be your friend. Love always xxxx

  10. Red, one thing I am sure of, he will, every day, with his soul’s pen, write the words of his heart for you…how could he not? This is wonderful poem, I love it…it gives me a happy feeling inside.

    With love,

  11. it’s lovely 🙂

  12. Sweet and romantic.. i love this, Amanda!

  13. Love it Girlfriend….Beautiful and romantic…written with your souls pen! xx Great graphics…

  14. Good writing, the song is a real blast from the past 🙂

    • Cin, I’m only replying now and I see you’ve commented on the new postings already!! Sorry, just been a hectic weekend. Thanks my friend and hope you have a good week!! Hugs xx

  15. Amanda.. I love this one..!! It is just too beautiful and romantic..!! 🙂

  16. sunshine poem,
    the eye says a lot…
    very intense poem,
    beautiful and sweet..
    Happy Sunday!

    • Thanks Ji, I am late in replying, has been a wonderful sunny and busy weekend. I always appreciate your visits dear friend. Thanks so much and I hope you have a great week ahead. Much love xxx

  17. Oh to find a man who’ll write with his soul’s pen… 🙂 Beautiful poem Amanda!

  18. Amanda, I know he’s writing each day . . . how could he not . . . and you wouldn’t feel it if it weren’t so. Wonderfully romantic poem and remarkable graphic. Yours are always so original, as are your poems. Thanks for another heart warming post.

    • Jamie, your visits means so so much to me….my heart warms, I smile and look forward to your comments so very much!! Thank you my dear friend…you always have the kindest words ever and I am so thankful to call you my friend xxxx

  19. “He’ll write a song to my heart/with the rays of the sun” you’ve captured the fire that exists in love. A poet writing about an inspired musician. Really beautiful Amanda.

  20. This poem keeps opening. Thanks. – Bill

    • Thanks Bill…I have not had enough time lately to do all of my visits but will be around your nook soon…hope you have a blessed week my dear friend ~ Hugs xx

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