KISMET (One-Shot Wednesday)



I want to get lost

in the mazes

of your heart

in sacred corners

to cure my


within your hands

my hunger lies

poems you write

the tears

it brings

I stagger

through walkways

of your soul

and swim

in the pools

of your eyes

with all that’s

within me

to live

to breathe

to cry 

I wish

it was

so ….




©AmandavdL 2010


84 Responses to “KISMET (One-Shot Wednesday)”

  1. I have to be honest, I have a hard time reading your poetry. Not because it’s bad, but because it is wonderfully full of emotion and love. That simply has not been my experience and I find your poems almost painful at times. That lets me know how good you really are.

    I’m not going to stop reading though! One day, I hope my experiences have changed enough that they don’t hurt.

  2. Such a beautiful poem Amanda! Simple, true and right from the heart!
    ‘Kismet’ is one of my favorite words, I use it so often…

  3. love getting lost in that kinda maze…i agree you pour a lot of emotion ino your writing and for me that is what makes it all the more incredble…KISMET…nice…

  4. Nice work. Great blog, yo. Looking fwd to you posting on the facebook group… great place for some proper constructive crit.

    Warmest Salad


    • I am yet to do so Luke…naughty me…I am always running against time…thanks for reminding me and also for your invaluable comments. I appreciate it so much x

  5. is such a powerful word..mesmerized! :))

  6. Wow Amanda, i got lost in sweet, the yearning is deep and it’s as if you’re praying as well and i hope he hears your soulful cries and lets you get lost in him. Your words are like a labyrinth good for loosing oneself within and the video is nice too~

    Lovely one shot girlfriend..Kismet~

    Wild Rose~

  7. I so appreciate the desire for intimacy expressed in the poem. Beautifully expresses the tension between intimacy and solitude. – Bill

  8. moondustwriter Says:

    I am lost in this beautiful pool of words written by amanda

    Lovely poem

    Thanks for letting us share it at One Shot

    beaming love from the Moon

    • And I am lost in happiness when you’re visiting Leslie…it makes me very happy that you liked it. I feel the beaming love from the Moon 🙂 🙂 Hugs xxx

  9. This was a very moving piece, Amanda…
    I feel the emotions gushing out…. The deep longing to be with this special person, the innermost desires to absorb and get absorbed in love… I see it all in this lovely poem…
    This is a lovely flow of words, girl… I bow to you!!! I am peacefully swimming in this pool of beautiful gentle verses…
    Keep it up, sweet girl! I am falling in love all over again!
    Many hugs…
    Take care.. ad I hope you are having a BRIGHT and beautiful morning! 😀

    • I am so thrilled that you liked it Kav…’s always important to me what you think!! I’ve been so busy and so far behind in reading new poems and comments….it’s taking my life over but would not have it any other way!!! How are you going? Phewwwwww….not to busy to send you loads and loads of love babes!!!! Mwah {{{{{{{{Huggggggggggssssssss}}}}}}}}

      • YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
        Jeeezzz.. I wish we lived closer… it would be sooo fun!
        Well well well… hope your work’s going good… try not getting bogged by it 🙂
        Relax a bit (in between) with some poems… and don’t worry, you can always catch up… we are all right here! 🙂
        Take care luv…

        btw, you getting to be a hot shot at One Shot these days! 😉 YIPPPPEEEEE
        Great going, lovely lady!! 🙂

      • It’s fun to be part of One Shot my friend, when I have more time I want to try and do more 55’s and 160’s….for now I just enjoy being part of all of us….it’s FUN FUN FUN!!! I love you dear Kavita….hope you are having a FAB day too:) 🙂 🙂 xx

  10. Beautiful poem, great visuals, and I enjoyed the music. You are a special kind of artist blending so much together for a touching and ethereal effect. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such a beautiful way.

    • It means a lot to me that you like coming here and enjoying the music Carol…thanks for always being here every day, it truly means so much and I appreciate you!! Sending you hugs xxx

  11. Oh, the POWER OF LOVE…there’s nothing stronger! Love this song. The photo is just precious…any extra wings lying around for me? And the poem, absolutely breathtaking. Through walkways of your soul and pools of your eyes…speaks to me deeply…Thank you and thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. Joy to you, my friend who is close in heart though miles away. xxxxHeartspell

    • I have extra wings for you my friend…always!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and thanks for always reading my work and your special comments. I really appreciate them. Close in heart…so very much!!! Love oxoxoxoxox

  12. Amanda.. this poem of yours is amazing..!! The emotion the poem carries so overwhelming.. to lose yourself in love.. you’ve expressed it so beautifully..! 🙂 Such simple words woven into a poem of such intensity.. you are definitely gifted Amanda 🙂

  13. these short lines are actually an effective poetic tool that i should use more often.
    I really like that moving image.
    Very soothing

  14. I stagger

    through walkways

    of your soul

    and swim

    in the pools

    of your eyes…absolutely beautiful, love it, you’ve outdone yourself this time!!!!!!

  15. Amanda, your lines express emotional honesty in so few words. Beautiful poem and the image is quite outstanding as well. cheers

  16. So beautiful. So vulnerable. To express emotion so effortlessly is such a rare talent, one you have mastered wonderfully! 🙂

  17. divine…….to breathe….to cry ….I wish….it was…..

    so ….

    KISS ME TRUTH……my fortune….KISMET.

  18. This is lovely – and that line “I stagger through walkways of your soul” – wow.

  19. The poem took me on a marvellous and intriguing journey. The set-up just added even more to it. Lovely!!

  20. This is so mesmerizing…so full of emotions.

  21. Amanda…Wow! This one reaches a new level of Romantic Love. It’s heartfelt and touching, you truly have a poetic soul. My life is improved by reading this kind of work…you have a gift, and a style that’s all your own.
    “I want to get lost

    in the mazes

    of your heart

    in sacred corners

    to cure my

    This line is simply perfect in my mind. Bravo!

    Mr. Tracy Lee Harris 😉

  22. Little to add to the comments above, I too love the ‘I stagger’ line.
    Well done 🙂

  23. ladynimue Says:

    i really love your style !!! suits just my fav posts to read 🙂

  24. wow…this was a beautiful poem, from the start “I want to get lost in the mazes of your heart” i was hooked with such wonderful excellent poem to One Shot..cheers Pete

    • Thanks so much Pete, it’s fun to be part of One Shot….the talent blows my mind and I am hooked already!! I so appreciate your presence and invaluable comment my friend, thanks so very much!! Hope you have an awesome day ~ x

  25. Achingly beautiful.
    I love the way the poem tapers at the end. Leaves such a sense of solitude and reflection and hesitancy.
    Almost like it dosen’t want to end itself!

  26. …swim in the pools of your eyes… wow – and i love the picture – eye in eye with the moon..

    • Thanks Claudia….I am so happy you liked it and I am even more happy because you’re here…thanks so very much, it means a lot. Have a happy day my friend ~ Hugs x

  27. the emotion you express is well done. a very enjoyable read.


  28. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Love the way that one runs on, Amanda!

  29. ….stunning……sjeesh….I`m gonna love it here…..

  30. simply beautiful!

    • Hi Jingle…it seems like the days go by so fast and not enough time to say hello often enough…so here is my wish for you today….May love surround you and the sun shining bright, my dear friend….thanks for always making the time to say hi….I really appreciate it so much ~ Hugs xxxx

  31. Amanda – I love the flow of this poem – it’s kind of mesmerizing!

    I think I must have lived on another planet, because I have never come across the word kismet – before today! Can you believe that? Anyways, it fits perfectly with this poem. Wow!

    Loving your poetry – have yet to try the recipes though!!

    Chloe 😀 xx

    • Kismet is one of my favourite words….and it also took my a long time to find out what it means….thanks to Thesaurus!!!!!!!!! Love you girl and thanks for the comment {{{Hugs}}}}

  32. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! The end… “I wish it was…” ~ Took my breath away I loved this poem of yours! ~April 🙂

  33. This is beautiful :3 Keep shining on! And thanks so much, as always, for visiting my blog and leaving comments. You’re very sweet ❤

  34. mairmusic Says:

    Nicely written, my friend. You thin chain of words dangles its meaning so seductively.

  35. Oh yes, that is the perfect title for this emotional flow of words (put to feelings). You have painted with those words a dreamscape that could almost be real, must surely be real for some starcrossed lovers out there! Beautiful! 🙂

    • Thanks Tony and yes, a dreamer like me can write anything at 3am in the morning. Very happy you enjoyed it and I thank you for your invaluable comments:) Have a great day!!

  36. This is a grand write. somehow I was kinda feeling emotional this evening and this really sparked it…Beautiful.


    • I was kinda emotional when I wrote it too..every time I give words to my feelings, I feel better!!…and forward we move!! I hope you’re good my dear friend. You always make me smile with your presence. Much love Em x

  37. very heartfelt, Amanda..

  38. Such a beautiful poem Amanda, so fully passion, so full of sadness, so heartfelt. Great piece, you have a way with words such that you really touch the heart.

  39. A Very very beautiful poem Amenda 🙂

  40. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Simple, yet you’ve managed to capture so much pure emotion. Thank you kindly for sharing.

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