It’s Friday here in Australia, I have a CRAZY day ahead and thought I’d leave you with something positive…(apart from the fact that I had total “writers block” this morning!! arggggg)    Have a great day everyone and keep smiling!!


           One song can spark a moment,
         One flower can wake the dream.
        One tree can start a forest,
       One bird can herald spring.

     One smile begins a friendship,
    One hand clasp lifts a soul.
    One star can guide a ship at sea,
    One word can frame the goal.

    One vote can change a nation,
    One sunbeam lights a room.
     One candle wipes out darkness,
      One laugh will conquer gloom.

        One step must start each journey,
           One word must start each prayer.
               One hope will raise our spirits,
                  One touch can show you care.

                         One voice can speak with wisdom,
                             One heart can know what’s true.
                                One life can make the difference,
                                   You see, IT’S UP TO YOU!


(Autor Unknown)

41 Responses to “THE POWER OF ONE”

  1. One candle wipes out darkness, and all the other one’s that trigger change in the world… A beautiful and insightful poem.

  2. Amanda, You shuld get writer’s block more often…this is just such a lovely poem you wrote. Such inspiration! I am Smiling! It truly is A BEAUTIFUL DAY BECAUSE OF BEAUTIFUL YOU! Thanks for these words…love the curve! Heartspell

  3. What an inspiring poem and reminder of how much we shape the world around us! How little it takes…

    It also reminds me how ONE BED makes a difference too. We were visiting relatives for several days and I couldn’t fit onto their air mattress along with my sweetheart who at 6’2″ takes up a lot of space, so I curled up on the floor instead. It was okay for a few nights, but when we got home last night, I fell into our big bed with such gratitude. Glad to be back amongst my writer friends too. Thanks so much for all your comments while we were away, especially on Farley’s poem.

    • There is certainly NOTHING in this world like your own bed, that’s for sure!! I hope you had a great time my friend and it warms my heart to see you here! Sending you much love always 🙂 🙂 xx

  4. creative layout and very inspiring wording…

    as one,
    we are unbeatable,
    we one,
    we have authentic fun,
    as one,
    everything can be done,
    as one,
    we all shine under the sun!

    loved your spirits here.

    • JINGLE!!!! That was just awesome, you sure know how to lift anyone’s spirit…thanks so much my beautiful dear friend, I love what you do and sending you so much peace and love. Always ~ Amanbda x

  5. Thank you for this – it seems our best stuff come when we believe, even truly believe, we have writers block!

    I read it almost hearing it in my head as a song (of course).

    Thank you, and thank you for your kind concern.

    • Lawrence, it truly warms my heart to see you here and I sooooo appreciate your support. I thank you for your invaluable comments and sending love and best wishes right back at you!!! Dont ever forget that!! Have a great weekend my friend x

  6. Diamonds and dogs Says:

    This was wonderfully lyrical. Put me in mind of U2’s One

  7. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    That is a beautiful poem with a message that encourages. I love the way you typed it to look like it was curved. Amazing, Amanda. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome Carol, I am so happy it’s weekend here, now I can relax and catch up on all of my friends….so far behind!! Sorry for not spending enough time with you but the crazy time is past now!!! Have a happy weekend my dear friend!! Much love from me to you xx

  8. HAH! Girl, if this is what you mean by ‘writer’s block’, I really want to see what you write when out of it!! Phew!!
    Such an inspiring and uplifting read…. The power of one indeed!!!
    Love the way it appears on the screen…curvy and graceful 🙂
    And I see you (too) are getting obsessed with eyes…. heheheh
    The image is fabulous!!
    One look of kindness can change your world – that’s how I interpreted it … it’s stunning!
    And the song….mmm… love Bono!!! 😀
    A beautiful poem, Amanda… just like you…
    Take care, and hope you had a great start to this day!! Wish it gets better and better… and thennnnnnnnnnnn…it’s weekenddddd !!! 🙂
    Enjoy it!!! [hugs and kisses and more… mwahhzzz]

    • I am happy you liked it Kavita….you know the feeling of writers block!!!???? I am smiling because the weekend’s here. Wish you the best always too my beautiful friend xxxxx

  9. Its funny how the things we write just after suffering from writers block turns out to be one of the best.. I’m not sure if this applies for everyone, but it definitely applies for you 😉 Thanks so much for this amazing, inspirational poem..!! much love 😀 hope you’ve a great Friday..!!

    • Ilakya, so happy you liked it…it’s weekend here and I am over the moon!!!!!!!!! I wish the best one for you too and as always, sending you loads of love girlfriend….from me to YOU!!!!! xxxx

  10. I love the shape and sound of this. Beautiful. – Bill

    • Thanks Bill, I have had a very busy week and am happy it’s time to just relax a bit!! Thankful and happy for everything, I am sending you loads of smiles and happiness too. Take care my friend and have an enjoyable weekend ~ Hugs x

  11. I love this message!
    Good luck with your day.

  12. divine one and only one ……one to know one to become everyone……

    one minus one is zero….once zero always zero

    one is ordinary… is extraordinary……

    one is a player… is referee…

    life is a journey between one and zero….

    when zero comes after one….it change to ten…then to hundred…..original
    face value lost….

    when zero comes before one….it always remains one……

    remaining one with oneself……with nature……with spirit……is happiness..
    and that is wisdom and enlightenment……

    love all….

  13. This is just like my poem “ONE”

    check it out guys!!

    i love this poem 😀

  14. Amanda, you certainly have a gift for finding inspirational words for your fans, even through the tough times of writer’s block…I Love the way you did the line layout…cool 🙂

    Well done!

    Mr. Tracy Harris

  15. Thank you for this beautiful Friday poem Amanda! Have a great day 🙂

  16. lovely poeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmm


    two awards on the bottom for you,
    please join the party in celebrating Doraz’s 2 year blogging fun.
    thanks for the attention!

    • Whooohooo, thanks Jingle…I will follow soon and thanks so much for the awards. My wish for you is to relax and have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your wonderful encouragement and support, it means more to me than words can ever say!! Sending you sunshine and smiles my dear friend xoxoxoxox

  18. lifeinarecipe Says:

    One friend says it all. 🙂

  19. Preach it, sistah! 😛

    Oh yes, this has uplifted me in a big way. Thank you! 🙂

  20. …..this is so true….too many wait for others to do……Ilove your blog…..

  21. Absolutely perfect. Soul stirring. I am humbled.

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