From the amniotic fluid

labour drives my pen

undisturbed thoughts flow

a new poem is born


©AmandavdL 2010


39 Responses to “BIRTH OF A POEM”

  1. amniotic ink is a nice visual for this birth – and the photo perfect.

  2. Good God! I think you have outdone yourself with this one, Amanda!
    Your choice of words is just fantastic! I don’t think anyone could’ve described it any better!
    From the innermost feelings, rises a poem, tender and delicate… but warm to the heart..

    The image was perfection!!!! And so is the song… phhhewwww
    This was heavenly!! It had a real romantic and intimate feel to it… goosebumps!!!

    • Thanks my darling, so happy you liked it…short but different!! I actually woke up at 2am and wrote this idea down and in the end….I gave birth to it!!!:) 🙂 🙂 LOLOL Have the BEST weekend my friend…and keep writing!! Now for my visits:) FUN FUN FUN oxoxoxox Hugs to you x

  3. simple but perfectly done!

    • Thanks Ji, I had this idea at 2am in the morning and have a notebook next to my bed…and this morning I gave “birth” to this poem!!! LOLOLOL Much love gorgeous lady xx

  4. Muscular little poem. Very powerful.

  5. I love how you make a profound statement in so few words.

  6. Short. Sweet. Amazing!

  7. Woooh… Casts a spell with words, picture, and sound… I enjoyed the experience… Thank you for putting it together for us all.

  8. This one is simply brilliant…a genuine piece of poetry.
    Might I say, I’m very proud of you? I am 🙂
    Wonderful poem, Skattie.


  9. A labour of love. Yes. 🙂

  10. …..stunning pic…..stunning words……..take a look when you have time at my old blog….”dewaldus”……..

  11. i dig the symbolism. nice. four lines of power.

  12. anummunaf Says:

    wow….. awsome……. u have incredible way of writting

  13. Whoo what a great, short and direct poem. The best use of Amniotic Fluid ever. This Amanda is by far one of my top three poems from you!!

  14. Loved it! Creativity of any kind really is like giving birth. There can definitely be agony along the way, but the end result is often beautiful.

  15. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Would you say the umbilical cord is cut at the completion of each poem, that at that the release they take on a life of their own? The poem has me curious as to how you view these babies of yours. Thanks for sharing friend…as always your words set my brain to thinking! 😉

  16. very nice poem Amanda coupled with a superb graphic xx


    u r nominated,
    please visit poets and vote for 1 -? up to 30 poets,
    u win one vote for yourself if you vote for other poets…
    have fun!

  18. you explained it all in four lines!! Amazing!!!
    I loved the reference to the amniotic fluid.

  19. wow Amanda.. what a creative way to describe the birth of a poem..!! Just too amazing..!! much love..!

  20. In your hands, even poeming about poeming seems almost a sensual, a physical, thing. You have a gift. No doubt.

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