Mimic thoughts

through my fingers

on paper

received by my soul

thoughts in ellipse

driven by how

you read my words

once inert


then direction

thoughts of you

and my words


get wings


©AmandavdL 2010



37 Responses to “ELLIPSE”

  1. Magical words, Amanda, ethereal, delicate poetry. Listening to the music at this moment. Thank you for this creation by Amanda.

  2. Well done, Ms. Romance 🙂 This one speaks to this poet’s feelings and thoughts when writing poems of love…trying to get the words to settle and flow onto the paper so that my Love reads them as I wish her to. Well written, Red (aka) Ms. Romance. I love it.


  3. Oooh, this is good. From the beginning image of mimicking thoughts, to thoughts in ellipse and knowing the reader’s interpretation is what unlocks them or hides their intended meaning with words – you caught that feeling so well; the feeling of a lover, hoping to say it right; hoping the love that will open their eyes is there. Nice work!

  4. This one didn’t need too much and you recognised that ans acted on it.
    Great job

  5. yes, with your word, we grow wings…
    well penned and very powerful!

  6. I thank the words for flying my way! This is just lovely. So nicely said. Love the image of the wings. And I love the Shania song…she is so good. Thanks for sharing! Hope Your weekend is going great, Amanda! 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxxxxHeartspell

    • Thanks my friend, sorry for being absent lately…will be back to normal soon, just so much happening and not enough hours in a day. Hope your week will be a good one. Love you girlfriend xx

  7. lifeinarecipe Says:

    The feeling of release and freedom flow with your words…beautifully penned! As always your labors of love touch us!

  8. how do u write it? :O

    nice one

  9. Jou woorde is jam vir my siel 🙂

  10. To become a perfect circle is to become infinite
    To draw your ellipse is to become undone
    Each vision is unguided and becomes reality
    Every dance becomes your story
    All dreams ellispe your circle
    Unforeseen and willful
    We humble…

    • Wow, what a surprise to see you here my friend…I have missed you but see you’re back again :):) So beautifully said above…I send you love…and keep smiling:):)

  11. This was MUSICAL !!! Really!!! I could see notes flying between lines there…
    The end was like a blissful union indeed… so romantic! Just what I wanted…a soft read!
    You are magical, Amanda! You are getting to know me better and better by the minute!! Phheeww 😀
    Luv ya!! And have a BEAUTIFUL Sunday Evening! MWAHH

    • Thanks Kav…very glad you liked it…wish it could be Sunday over again but reality calls…wishing you a wonderful week ahead and keep writing my dear!!! (Sooooooo far behind!!!) Mwah x

  12. Words really are the way we offer ourselves and are received, aren’t they. Thoughtful reflection. Thanks. – Bill

  13. wow this one has a surreal magical feel to it…wow…

  14. I found this poem of your rather relaxing to read.. the words flow effortlessly.. Too beautiful!! 🙂

  15. You are the quintessential romantic, Amanda. Lovely. All your poems have wings. I hope that means your heart does too.

    Thanks for another soul-touching verse and wonderful illustration and music. Nicely coordinated joy . . .

  16. Life is a delicacy of thoughts. 🙂 Nice one. 🙂

  17. i love the way this poem actually reads the way ellipses do ~ nice work.

    thank you so much for the comment and the compliments. i wouldn’t say it’s so much talent as it is the images i experience. thank you, nonetheless : )

  18. It peculiar how ordinary words seem to get wings when associated with someone in particular. Red seems more vibrant because that’s his favorite color. Steak is not so bad because that’s all he eats. The new artist is actually not so bad because he listens to so many tracks you can’t help but to sing along. Ok perhaps I’m projecting my own thoughts on your words but isn’t that an ellipse. A circular motion from me to you and now back towards you? Great Piece Amanda as always!!

  19. And my words suddenly get wings. I love that, Amanda. Beautifully expressed there. The give and take of communicating in a nutshell! 🙂

  20. ms. weger Says:

    Great flow and expression! So expressive yet simply stated – well done!

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