I LOVE BUTTERCUPS by Alan (ncbeachcomber)

It’s not hard to know why Buttercups are my favourite by far…and when I read this beautiful poem that Alan wrote, I just had to share it with you.  His passion and talent shines through in his creativity to write the most beautiful poems and I am honored and proud to share this with you.  I have linked his blog at the end of the poem, please go and visit him. Thanks so very much Alan, for allowing me to share this. I have added this song of Sting (not buttercups) but once laid in a field of buttercups while listening to this song through earphones….it has special meaning to me and somehow I identify this “Fields of Gold”…in my mind as…Buttercups. Listen to the words of this song..it is so very beautiful.



Bright yellow sun shining

on lazy days Buttercups

blowing in the

warm summer breeze

little boys running

in childish glee giggling

pick one up chin up

to see if you love butter

glowing with boyhood

in awestruck wonder

of  life, rolling and tumbling

in the soft white and

yellow peppered lawn

to the sound of

approaching thunder’s

hoof beats as we lay

in the Buttercups

drifting on boyhood dreams

watching the clouds

roll quickly by

in all the shapes that

catch a young boys eye

elephants and freight trains

a cow that says moo

jellyfish and monkey brains


all we love to see and feel

most anything that we fancy……

except that itchy scratchy grass

was feeling kind of antsy,

and our fantasy’s drifted

on the wings of the wind

….to the echoing sound

of a distant calling

……..boys come in….

….a storm is squalling…

and so like clouds

our wispy dreams

roll away as we

save them for another day

and head inside

to dream and play

leaving our sunny

Buttercups for Resse’s

Peanut Buttercups

until the summer storm

goes on its merry way




43 Responses to “I LOVE BUTTERCUPS by Alan (ncbeachcomber)”

  1. Beautiful poem, I agree! Buttercups really are delightful flowers that seem to inspire happiness.

  2. Beautiful poem and so fitting on your blog. 🙂

  3. Lovely poem… I know you didn’t write it but all the same… and man I do love that Sting song so much.. (have to admit I prefer Eva Cassidy’s rendition though).

    I tried to friend request you on Facebook but it seems you’re unrequestable…

    Warmest Salad


  4. Beautiful, photo and such a lovely poem, Amanda. Thanks for sharing….Heartspell

  5. he has painted a lovely picture in his words.
    amazing buttercup flowers.
    lovely poem!

  6. I adore buttercups too. My son holds them under my chin and tells me I love butter. It’s true. I do.
    Love this poem. Love this site. That’s for filling your corner of the world with such warmth and gold light, buttercup.
    x Lisa

  7. Beautiful poem, Alan did a great job 🙂
    i love the word ‘buttercup’ it sounds cute and playful, cheerful and homey 🙂

  8. systematicweasel Says:

    Nature can be very inspiring! Wonderfully written poem! =)


  9. The poem is lovely! And I was actually having Reese’s peanut butter cups when I was reading it! So their mention in the poem was like WOW!!! 🙂
    I love this song by Sting too… it has beautiful music and excellent lyrics to it…

    You are so sweet to share this poem here, Amanda… just like you, buttercup 🙂
    LOVE YA!!!!

    • Wow…peanut butter cups…..hmmmmm!!! Don’t know if I should say sweet dreams or……….are you awake???? Sending you love girlfriend!!! Love yah more!! xxxx

  10. I love the happiness and the life I felt with this bright and beautiful post. You have made me appreciate the colors of this world and adore all that is around me. 🙂 Hope you have a great week exploring the colors of this world…with a smile, of course. 🙂

    • Alan will be very happy to read this…and I am smiling so much because of all the comments I’m getting from you. I have been very busy too lately and not as active as I would love to be on here, but reality calls!! I hope you’re having a fantastic summer my dear friend. Sending you loads of love~ xxx

  11. so sweet and child-like
    glad you posted it

  12. Buttercups are so delightfully cheery! And I do like that song by Sting.. the lyrics are beautiful.

  13. That was an amazing poem Amanda! And that song was beautiful…
    I love buttercups as well, they fit your lovely personality 🙂

  14. Your friend has made a fine ode to childhood…these memories seem to be universal and fond to many of us just as written. Well done 🙂

    Tracy H

  15. That brings back memories.

  16. lifeinarecipe Says:

    A wonderful trip down a memory lane to feel like a child again. Thanks for the sunny moment in our day and for introducing us to another magician of words!

    • Thanks Cindy, he sure has a wonderful way with words…and I know it will make him so happy to read your comment. Have a great day my friend…will be visiting soon:) Sending you lots of love xxxx

  17. i have never seen a buttercup or its picture, checked after reading your comments, they are gorgeous. i love that golden colour. its beautiful.

    the poem is really fabulous. thanks for sharing.

    • You are welcome my dear friend…so happy to have you here and on top of it…2 messages from you…That made me smile and very happy! Sending you love girfriend x

  18. Hey, I like……will do a translatiom tomorrow and post it……something with buttercups…

  19. My mom used to do the buttercup under the chin thing. 🙂 Brought back sweet memories. Thank you … and thank you for intro to new poet. Will check out site.

    Sting – perfect!

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