HAZE (One Shot Wednesday)



In clouds of haze

my sentences flow

the spume of waves

to ease my mind

rainbow’s arch

endless horizons


my wildest dreams





I walk



into  the wind

where I find you

in my mind



©AmandavdL 2010


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, run by One Stop Poetry, a fast growing community for poets & writers of all genres to share their work, express and make friends.  Come join us, just click on the link!! FUN!!


108 Responses to “HAZE (One Shot Wednesday)”

  1. where I find you in my mind still…
    so so beautiful


    pick one or two… for you..

    • Wow…thanks so very much my dear friend…I will be heading over very shortly…and thanks as always for your support and invaluable comments. Sending you lots of love xxx

  2. Amanda – the imagery in this lovely. I personally have always found the ocean very centering and the images you’ve used truly spoke to me.

    Regards …

    • Thanks Jhannet, I love the ocean and to me nothing better than going for a walk…barefeet in the sand!! Very glad you liked it, I am sorry for not being around as often as I would like but it’s been a very busy time for me…I’ll be back to normal very soon. Sending you love across the universe!! oxoxox

  3. You have a way of making me wonder who he is; how tall; his smile; I feel almost as if I can walk beside you and see him, feel his special energy. You really are quite the romantic. 🙂

  4. Haunting song and mysterious words together with the image of the mask all make this post mystifying… You are an amazing artist! Thank you for sharing.

    • It looked rather haunting to me too but glad you liked it fy friend. I thank you from the heart for always commenting and being here, I can’t do any of this without all of you and I want you to know that I appreciate it so much xxxx Have a happy day (or sweet dreams my friend)

  5. Beautiful, Amanda 🙂
    the image is perfect for the poem, and i love the song, haven’t heard it in a long time, thanks dear 🙂

  6. amanda some great imagery and love the finale, leaning forward in the wind where i find you still in my mind…fabulous write.

    • Thanks so much Brian, I will be around later today, I have a crazy schedule this morning and have linked up with FAB One Shot again. Thanks so much for your continued support and invaluable comments, it means so much to me. Have a good day (or is it sweet dreams) my friend x

  7. Interesting and evocative imagery.
    I have posted two poems this week. On not saying hello is new but Kingpin Baby was posted up on a quiet Sunday so I thought I’d give it another outing. Both are adaption of different formal poetry forms – pantoum and sonnet.

    • Thanks Random, I really appreciate your support and invaluable comments, I will be around later today to read your work, just a hectic schedule this morning. Sounds interesting and I can’t wait. Keep smiling and more importantly….keep writing my friend x

  8. Very romantic, Amanda. The last stanza is amazing.

  9. Love the sound of that last part “where I find you / in my mind / still…” The whole poem is great, but that ending is magical, as is the animated image. very cool graphic. Thanks, Amanda 🙂

  10. so sweet Amanda..the images,the ocean..i loved it..and this last line is brilliant..
    where I find you in my mind still..

    perfection! :))))

  11. soulintention: signed .............bkm Says:

    nice buttercup…leaning forward into the wind…very nice image…bkm

  12. Hey i like this poem.
    And you’ve even got one of my favourite sogns up.
    Thanks for being here

    • Have you tried playing this on the quitar…the coolest song ever…not easy but so much fun!!!! Thanks my friend for your kind comment…sending you love as always xx

  13. Good grief, Amanda! Please forgive me for not keeping pace with your prolific output! How do you manage to write so much, and all of it quality stuff? I’m envious! 😛

    This poem, for instance. I love the ocean and that whole romanticism thing that’s part and parcel of that. I look out at the horizon and it feels like eternity…

    • Tony…wanna know the truth??????:) Many mornings I wake up so very early…sometimes writing at 3am…and find that that is my most creative time!!!!! I so LOVE the fact that you liked it and know that I appreciate your comments more than I can say!! Have a great rest of the day my friend!! x

  14. I love this, esp. the ending. Your poetry flows so beautifully!

  15. LOVE the last line. brilliant.

  16. moondustwriter Says:

    Had an moody, romantic, hopeful feel.

    Yes the hopeless romantic writing beautiful poems

    Thanks for sharing this with One Shot

    Love from the Moon

  17. leaning into the wind, barefoot — that’s a cool image. Good one.

  18. This is wonderful-great imagery. I love it.

  19. You’ve been clever in layering the elements to underline the emotive imagery.
    (Brought to my mind Cathy looking for Heathcliff *smile*)

    Love the Animals song 🙂

  20. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Ohhh, the lingering sweetness. Amanda this is beautiful!!! 🙂 Love the last stanza! 🙂

  21. Oh I absolutely love it! I can feel myself lost amongst winds, in my own reminiscent thoughts. Lovely touch to every sentence!!

  22. Love it!
    However, a bit of scary when I watch ur picture! It seems that the ghost would appear!

  23. When you write in your abstract conversational style you shine like a planet in the deep azure of the evening sky that these earthbound eyes can only gaze in wonder at across the divide, dreaming of the possibilities. You are becoming a master of romantic imagery…Well done, Red.

  24. Cowboy, I read this again….what you have said here is deep….and I liked that…I am learning from the Master:):)….Hugs x

  25. the last stanza was truly great…barefoot I walk leaning forward into the wind…i think we have all picked up on that but its no surprise..as for the image i loved that..it was dark & haunting and i could so write a darkened tale about that..thanks for sharing with One Shot..cheers pete

  26. I have to say Amanda, that this is a very beautiful poem.. you ended it perfectly and i’m sure most of us can relate to something.
    You could touch a chord here.. Amazing xx

  27. rainbow’s arch – endless horizons
    that gives your poem a feeling of wideness – beautiful

  28. Beautiful, and the imagery makes it even more so. Great poem!

  29. beautiful, beautiful poem Amanda! Simple and striking… Thank you for sharing it 🙂

  30. Wow Amanda.. I love this one..!! 🙂 I love the oceans too.. walking barefoot with waters caressing our feet.. the rhythm of waves that instantly calm us down.. too beautiful..!! Thanks so much for this amazing poem..!!

    And yeah, I almost forgot, I’ve shared two awards with you 🙂 . http://rhythmofmysoul.wordpress.com/accolades-i-treasure/

    Lots of love Amanda…!!

    • Smiling baby!!!! I am always smiling when you remember me….and I have been a bit absent lately:):):) I love you for doing this and am happy you loved this Ilakya (btw…have I ever told you that you have THE most beautiful name>)!!!! LOADSSSSSSSSS OF LOVE GIRL XXXX

  31. I am in love with the artwork…the words are exquisite but the artwork completely and utterly does it for me

  32. Some things are inescapable, regardless of how far we run.

    Succinctness with grace – well done!

  33. Love the graphic very atmospheric.
    Gorgeous piece the final stanza was the icing on the cake

  34. Oh, Amanda, you’ve done it again. Very moving poem and striking illustration. Such a complete package with the music vid…one of my favorites, by the way.

    Happy One Shot Wednesday. Have fun with Thursday Rally tomorrow.

    • Hey dear girlfriend…very glad you liked it, at first I thought it was a bi dark…but am happy with the end result. I am heading over right now to read yours too…Happy One Shot to you too, still tossing about Thursday Rally….(time:):):) ?? Good luck and hugs x

  35. ladynimue Says:

    your words transport me into a different time ! always 🙂

  36. Fantastic 🙂 loved it… wow 🙂

  37. “I walk



    into the wind

    where I find you

    in my mind


    So deeply moving the words above and glad you shared with One-shot Amanda as always i do love the sweetness in your poems. Lovely video compliment babe 🙂

    Wild Rose~

  38. LOVE this poem! Thanks for stopping by my blog and passing along the One Shot Poetry contest. I hate to compete with you, though, since this poem is wonderful. 🙂

    BTW – the accompanying image is perfect with the poem. Nice! 🙂

  39. First of all, my apologies for the delayed comment 😦 Went out last evening… and then I thought I would read this in the later…eventually, i messed up…so, HERE I AM! 🙂

    This poem really goes to show your talent, girl… how you stir emotions in us with your words!!! That murky atmosphere where one feels most comfortable with the thoughts and memories of a beloved…we seek such places, so as to feel at peace… so easily you brought this out with your smooth flow of words…wow!!!! This was a perfect One Shot…i drank it up and am now on a high… you are just too good, lady!!! I am reading it over and over again, even while writing this comment… Don’t wanna get over it… it’s stunning!!
    Loads of love, Amanda… you rock!!! Have a lovely week… mwah mwah mwah 😀

    • Thanks my dear friend, so very glad you enjoyed it, was not sure at first, thought it to be a bit dark but at the end was happy with the outcome!! I am playing catchup this morning and will head over soon!! Love you and have a happy week too dear one!! mwah mwah mwah xxxxx

  40. ….I love it…and applaud you……and the song…sjeesh girl…..greatstuff…take care now you hear…

  41. Oh my — beautiful, romantic, lingering thoughts — provocative.

    Great, one stop,


  42. Doni Cifra Says:


    I love that moment. so beautifully placed. it felt reassuring, or, it could be a place. what a great transition into a tender ending.

    congrats on this one amanda

  43. Lovely. Some people are embedded and nothing takes them away from our minds or hearts.

  44. The imagery evokes such richness.

  45. I can picture you on the beach walking in a strong wind…barefooted. This is lovely imagery…enjoyed this and the photo, as well as that great song. Sorry it took me so long to comment. Life took over. 🙂 Heartspell

  46. Hey darling…I am in the same boat, life took over and am catching up as I speak…I love the ocean and when I have not so good days and need food for my soul (weather permitted) there is where you’ll find me, luckily I live right on the water and that is such a blessing. Hope things are good your way and will be heading over soon dear one. Much love as ALWAYS xxx

  47. From beginning to end, the imagery here is so strong. I love it all. Thank you for sharing this.

  48. Like jolt of the ending for innocence of energy of walk begins and then that ‘someone’ is there in the ocean of the mind. A wanted intruder? Desired? Or a ghost best not met again. Like ambiguity.

  49. Leaning forward in the wind yet finding stillness…so vivid and profound. Very interesting image too.

  50. I had a hard time finding the comment button Just thought i’d like to let you know, lol.

    I liked your poem btw =]

  51. hm…i’m wondering abt the guy now….beautiful poetry with great imagery…u did it again Amanda….
    btw these are for u

    • LOL….which one???? So happy to see you here and thanks so much for all your kindness and awards, it really makesme smile and so very happy!!! I will come over very soon…sending you much love my friend x

  52. Wonderful wrote. I love the way it flows and turns. Nicely done. – Bill

  53. You write with your heart and soul and let us journey with you in all the emotion.

    • Yes I do…I was born a romantic I think and can’t hide that. I am so happy to have you here and have added you to my blogroll. Nice to know you my dear friend x

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