SOMEWHERE (Thursday Poets Rally Week 26)



oceans are

cold and dark


rain flags

silver drops


your voice

lost in space


only me

just a dream


my soul

torn apart











©AmandavdL 2010

123 Responses to “SOMEWHERE (Thursday Poets Rally Week 26)”

  1. I very much enjoy this form you are working with. – Bill

  2. yeah,
    that’s why we need to stick together and feel the strength…

    very divine image and talent!


  3. Gosh.. How can something be so sad and beautiful at the same time?!?!?!! Heart wrenching… but lovely!
    The pain and the deep emotions surfaced on this one, Amanda… Reading it makes me SO thankful for what I have… phhheewww
    Really brought a tear my eye… it was just so delicate and tender…
    Girl, you are so talented !! Your words can work a charm over the readers… I swear!!!
    Keep it up, sweets… Luvv ya!!!
    And Happy Rallying too!! (maaaannnnny hugs!) 😀

    • Funny thing is that with the “birth” of every poem, I find myself almost in tears too…I guess it’s just the romantic soul in me that brings all of this out!! I am so very happy that you liked it and sometimes I think people think that I’m lonely and unhappy…I am not, I think that whatever happens in our lives, happens for a reason and it makes us stronger inside. I think in my previous life I have been some other “Guinevere” and awaits my Lancelot….LOL….see, there I daydream again!! Thanks baby, you make me happy with your comments…always look forward to you coming here. Send regards to your hubby….Happy Rally to you too :):):) {{{Hugs}}}

      • you ? lonely?? phhheewwww … joke!!! 🙂 You have the ability to show pain via your poems! But I am sure you are surrounded by your favorite people … and when not, you love and savor that “me” time by indulging in cooking and writing poems? Am I too off the mark in my presumptions??!! 😉
        mannnny hugs, girl.. I am yet to complete my rally poem…. GOSH!!! I was watching some amazing talent competition on TV, and got carried away with all the singing and all.. now back to “versing” !!!
        Hope you are having a great day!!!

      • You have nailed it girlfriend…oh and forgot to add, painting (art)!!!! Not a bored or lonely moment!! Happy versing and happy rally dear one…Lovies from me to you!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

  4. mairmusic Says:

    Such a lovely ode to one’s missing love! I think your long thin form works well for this– ending like the finger of the hand of the person reaching out for what’s not there. Nicely done!

  5. So beautiful and sad all at once… I am in the market for the mending of souls torn apart… when do I start? Smiles to you…sending you joy across the miles. 🙂 xxxx

    • LOL…I was just thinking that I must have been some sort of a Guinevere in my previous life, always the sentiment and romantic soul when I start writing!!!! Where in the here and now I am quite content and happy….just have this “fantacy” going in my mind….that’s a good thing right?:):) 😦
      Oh…just caught and felt your joy my dear friend xxx …right back at you!! oxoxox

  6. Nice poetry buttercup, loved it

    PS. i just finished a biography on myself, would love to have you read it

  7. awallinsight Says:

    This is amazing…so intense. I love the repetition of somewhere, almost like a voice in the distance.

  8. You express longing very well, my friend.

  9. Yes, sometimes when I’m feeling lonely, I’d rather be anywhere but here with me. You captured this beautifully, Amanda.

  10. Very strong emotion in this poem, brought out memories of longing and waiting. Excellent work.

  11. Oh, this is so great. Short and beautiful. I feel the cold and the vast space between parted lovers.

  12. This is what “Somewhere” evoked in me 🙂

    Whoever it is… I’m sure she’s somewhere and someday if fate were to have it, then we shall meet… if she’s someone I’ve known and we’ve remained friends, let that friendship remain though hearts may bloom… If she’s someone unknown, then let her fill my cup of longing and make me whole… but till we meet, the bittersweet of longing I hold, wrapped around my heart in hope

  13. wow, i really like this. i’m actually about to post my first poem for the rally.

  14. Love the animated pictures and your sweet lines going with it!

  15. Oh, how sad!! Nice work, Amanda!

  16. Wow, as amazing as always 🙂 It will be great if they can be reunite once again, I felt for this parted lovers, a sad and emotional masterpiece, thank for this wonderful poem, happy rally^^~

  17. It is so touchy! Love it!

  18. Great stuff.. I always dig a torrent of short, pithy lines…


  19. Bittersweet is what I feel when I come to the end of this wonderful piece…it’s at once sad and soothing. Your work has an easy feeling style about it, always pleasant to the ear as well as to the heart.

  20. aawww…that was brilliant..
    i loved it completely…
    and that pic.. breathtakingly beautiful

    im here from Jingle’s Rally
    you can read my post at…

    • Megz….so very happy to see you here, I will be heading over soon to see yours….thanks so very much for your kind comment, it means so much to me. Sending you hugs xx

  21. lovely 😉

    somewhere is something hard to find 😦

    i loved every line 😀

  22. This one gave me chills, Amanda. The music was the perfect culmination to this piece. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the blog world. Blessings to you, Amanda.

  23. divine……

    lost……..god is no where…..

    found…..god is now here……

    somewhere I am I……..

    never lost ever found…

    with you always……..

    in the wells of silence….

    love all….

  24. Wow, such powerful words, really loved this one! Great work!

    I love the song too, one of my favorites 🙂

  25. havign spent 8 months apart from my fam working a job a few years back…this one resonates so much with my feelings at the time…nice write amanda

    • Oh Brian, so you know that empty feeling of longing….both my childrens lives are far away from here and I miss them dearly…I pour all of my emotions into writing. I so appreciate your continued encouragement and invaluable comments my friend. Thank you so much!! ~ Amanda x

  26. you always put a smile on my face…thank you

  27. I like that wistful Somewhere. Thank you.

  28. such deep emotion, made me sad…had to pull myself back to reality.

    • Aww Suzi, my children both live very far away from here and I pour all of my emotions into writing about that longing!! Did not mean to make you sad but happy that you read and support me. I appreciate it so very much. Sending you love across the universe xx

  29. Gaurav Sharma Says:

    very well written 🙂

  30. Amanda – this was sweet, poignant and sad at the same time. Lovely as you are. Regards …

    • Jhannet, I am heading over to you right now….(I saw someone had a birthday!!) wink wink….Thanks dear friend, I smile when I see you here….love as always xxx

  31. Good job. I like this poem. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hugs.

  32. i kinda feel spoilt when i visit your blog..the poetry is amazing..the loss and sadness felt here was portrayed beautifully…and then there is your imagery…that image was amazing..thanks Pete

    • Thanks so much Pete, when I get a comment from you, I smile and it makes me very happy! I thank you immensely for your kindest words, your continued encouragement and invaluable comments. It means the world to me. Have a good day my dear friend x

  33. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Very haunting prose. I like it very much!

    • Thanks Cindy, when I see you smiling face in the little icon, my day seems to be better!! I always look out for you and appreciate it so very much xxx Hugs my friend

  34. Very nice poem. Very gentle in its form and wording, but still has its undercurrent of pain.

  35. Ohh hunny. It was like you were calling the universe into your loneliness. Summoning the ends of the earth to fill a void that can’t be filled. It was beautiful Amanda. Really top of my favorites list. With my over thinking I tend to over write so when I see a talent as yours capture so many things in so little words I’m left in awe.

  36. That’s a cool form you’re using. The line length and spacing really give emphasis to the final “somewhere.” I like it!

  37. Very well done
    Lovely blog 🙂
    Thanks for visiting.:)

  38. This one’s a bit too close for comfort – can relate to the tides of sadness that still roll in from Somewhere … Sometimes

  39. Ahh yes. I know this feeling well! Very nicely done! 🙂

  40. Just wonderful. I liked the way the words flow.

  41. So sad yet so beautiful. I loved the repetition of “Somewhere.” Makes the poem hopeful as well!

  42. Passionate as always Amanda.. You breathe life into every poem you write..!! Just too beautiful..!! 🙂 lots of love comin your way 😀

  43. Simple. Perfect. Passionate. … The yearning again. I love S & G …

    Happy Rally!

  44. I can sense the longing and yearning for that someone.. somewhere… wonderful, Amanda… and the photo is so romantic.. Good job, dear 🙂
    mwaahh xxoo

  45. Love the layout of this one, Amanda, and the way it builds to a crescendo at the end. Well done!

  46. Wow, a fantastic response.
    I’m not surprised.
    You do a fantastic job with all this.
    I really like this poem.
    I read it out loud. and somehow pitch variations began to take place.

  47. Amanda:

    Eloquent and a nice sense of depth — you have a unique gift in that you are able to tap into the human heart and express what so many feel but are not able to say it. People can long for some thing or rather be somewhere else at times in our life. There are moments when we just do not feel comfortable in our own skin. Nicely done.


  48. The silence reverbrates through the words.. and nostalgia seeps in.. few words.. mamoth sentiments.. conveyed well.

  49. have a fun weekend,

    winter and morning in your place, right?

  50. lovely poem… truly haunting! you’ve done it again amanda!

  51. i like ur style, the short lines stare to brilliant effect.. 🙂 lovely words.. haunting, yet I can relate a bit too..

  52. its so tender, beautiful n heartbreaking…its give the feeling of being near tears n being unable to cry….wow Amanda…this is …i’m at loss for words…

  53. Thank you Mandy for all the help you have given Lisa in putting her fathers memorial Web page together. I am so proud of her. I hope to get to meet you one day. Lisa speaks of you with love so you must be a wonderful person. oxoxo

    • You are very welcome and I am looking forward to meet you too, Lisa has told me so much about you and your love as a wife, parent and grandmother shines through. Sending you loads of love and hugs ~ Always ~ Mandy xx

  54. This is so like you`re in my head!!!!…..Ilove it……..take care….

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