Drown me in your tears

lift me with your voice

wow me with your words

until my heart breaks

love me with your eyes

fold me in your arms

let my cup run over

then kiss me softly

just bring me

your sunshine

for here

I wait


Tic Toc


©AmandavdL 2010


51 Responses to “TIC TOC”

  1. You formed the poem like a teardrop, clever girl 🙂
    That song brings such memories to mind for me…

    Enjoy your evening, my friend.

  2. Very touching and romantic. I love the music, too. The droplets look like tears on the note. Beautiful, Amanda. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It is so sweet! Love it!

  4. Amnda Amanda Amandaaaaa… this poem is soooo romantic… sometimes the moments later make all that waiting really worth the while… and beautifully you have portrayed the feelings that cross the mind during such a wait…
    Every evening, when I wait for Srini (hubby) to get back home, this is how i feel… knowing that once he is home, that’s the best time!! Opening the front door for him 🙂
    I looove you girl, for bringing out this tender feeling in such a lovely way… I could just smile while read thru and lived thru the poem 🙂
    And YOU KNOW WHAT!!! I have written a poem with so many tick tocks in it.. I mean every stanza started with a tick tock… The poem’s in my unpublished drafts… Now, after your poem, I will have to think of something else there :)…no kidding!!!

    LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!! It’s so easy with you… I feel and you write… and yhen I feel awesome that you wrote it! Let’s keep this friendship special as ever, girl! I am so proud to have you in my world..
    THANK YOU!!!!


    • OOOOPPPSSS….sorry babes….tic toc….let’s think of something that can replace that one!! I cannot wait for you to publish all of your work…it will be a best seller…in my heart and mind your friendship is very special to me Kavita, you have such warmth and love in your heart and you spread it wherever you go…THAT is a very special and wonderful quality to have in life…you will reach wonderful things in your life….I just know it and I am also very proud to have you in my life!! Love you gorgeous girl….say hi to Srini…and sweet dreams xxxxxxx

  5. Lovely romantic poem, more so because of the form. Clever! The photo is perfect too … nicely done. So much yearning … Sigh! Hugs.

    • LOL, it makes me smile when people think I’m so very sad….I think I was Guinevere in my last life…this romantic soul rules my head, mind and all of my being!! Whereas I am perfectly content and happy where I am in my life right now….I have moved on…still feels his spirit every day but that’s a good thing, for it will never leave but the future is bright and I am thankful to be healthy, alive and have joy in my heart!! We are blessed Jamie….for I look around me, sigh and am thankful. I send you blessing my dear friend. (Your poem the other day about how you live your…resonates xxx)

    • Thanks my friend …wink wink…oxox

  6. Red, you have a way with the romantic that never fails to draw the reader into your heart and make him feel the tenderness…I’m hooked 🙂 The poem is an excellent piece, add in your impeccable eye for images, and your knack for choosing songs …this post is perfect. The one you wait for is, of all men, most blessed.

    Tic Toc

    • Tracy, they say that one romantic always spot the other…for you are, in my mind, Mr Romantic personified!!!…I so appreciate you appreciation for what I have here…I always look so forward to your comments and cannot think of going without it on a daily basis. I want you to know that I truly value our friendship….I look up to you for inspiration and always remember…you are a very special man. Thanks for the beautiful heartfelt comment. ~ Red x

  7. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. So passionate, so pure. Great one!

  8. Ah the tic-tocs… 🙂 Amanda you write poems that brighten up my days! This is soooo romantic, it makes me want to read it to someone I love right now!

  9. 😀 😀 😀

    every line is so beautiful….

  10. you make me tear up all the time…time after time. But i love it

  11. Well, that’s the crux of it, isn’t it? We are ALL waiting for a love like that. Lift me with your voice… yes, that would be a daily event in a love that was genuine and full-spirited.

  12. And I have always liked the lyrics to Time After Time, since the song was first recorded a hundred years ago.

  13. Lovely as always, Amanda. You’ve captured how overwhelming love can be.


  14. Love your poem, Time after Time. 🙂

  15. Ms. Peaches Says:

    how touching…very well written!!! I’m glad I stopped by to check you out! and thanks again for stopping by my spot!

  16. Hey there! Thanks for you wonderful comment on the baboons. Have responded on the post. lol 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Beautifully written. This really spoke to me, especially today 🙂

  18. Love this! Clever with the tear drop shape! I think this is on of my faves of yours. I know I keep saying this, but you just keep outdoing yourself!

  19. Fantastic…I am speechless…

  20. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Timeless, romantic, artistic in design…simply beautiful!

  21. Oh, wow. This is such a great combination of words, image and music. You’re really so gifted Amanda! 😀

    This song is one of my personal favourites, one that I love to sing. And I love the sense of longing you’ve created with your poem; that’s exactly how we feel when waiting for somebody we love dearly…you write with such passion and you capture emotions perfectly.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Chloe xx

  22. Love me with your eyes…fold me in your arms…these are my favorite lines in this one….such a romantic picture they paint…you go, girl! This is a beautiful poem of patiently waiting for the perfect love. Kudos! 🙂 Heartspellxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. that was sad, romantic, sweet and hopeful all at the same time.

  24. lovely shape.

    enjoy your talent…

  25. Ooh! I see what you did there! Clever! 🙂

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